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PostHeaderIcon Rude Dillard’s Employees and Poor Customer Service Keep Me Shopping at Kohl’s

dillardsMy sons are not the dress up type. They like their jeans and basketball shorts however, when their great-grandmother passed away, this week, they really wanted to be dressed up nicely. I went on the hunt for decently priced suit shirts and ties for them. The chances that they will wear them again, before they outgrow them, is pretty slim.

I headed over to Kohl’s, because it is one of my absolute favorite stores. I was able to get Spencer a tie/shirt combo pack for $18.00 on sale. I was happy that it was a clip on tie so I didn’t have to mess with it. Sadly, on our way to the funeral, the top button popped off and the tie wouldn’t stay clipped on. I ran to the closest store, which was Dillard’s. I bought him a tie that needs to be tied for $22.00. Honestly it was the cheapest one. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Head Back to School with a ChoozePack #Giveaway

Chooze Reversible Backpacks - DelightfulChaos.com

Many people say that boys are easier to raise than girls. Having 4 boys running around doesn’t make me a believer in that statement. I have two that change their clothes more than I do and two that are so worried about what they are wearing. Sometimes I think the chromosomes took a left hand turn somewhere. They are all definitely like little girls at times but then again, aren’t all men?

Picking backpacks is seriously a chore with them. One wants this and one wants that, I always say that one year I am just going to buy 4 and they get what they get. Of course that never happens because it would just be a lot of complaining. Pick and choose your battles right?
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PostHeaderIcon #Recipe: Fool Proof Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread Recipe - DelightfulChaos.com
If you are sitting there telling yourself, “I wish I could bake stuff like that.”, you can! This is probably the easiest Zucchini Bread recipe I have made. Everything goes into one bowl, mix and bake! As long as you set a timer, you are good to go on baking this. You can always half the recipe and try a smaller batch if you think you can’t do it. YOU CAN! I do not like zucchini but I could eat this bread all day long. I know it’s not the healthiest way to eat my vegetables but, it’s better than not I suppose? I have also been toying with the amount of sugar. The original recipe called for 2 cups. I have gotten it down to 1 2/3 so far. It still tastes just as delicious.
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PostHeaderIcon #DIY Can You Really Clean Up Nail Polish With Sugar? True or False

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online - DelightfulChaos.comLike many of us do, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a photo that a friend of mine posted. It was on of those “claim” photos. You know the kind. This one said that you can clean up nail polish with sugar. Since I am a total clutz, I decided to try this one out. I tried it out on a old piece of wood flooring. If you have carpet, sorry! I can’t test that one. There is no carpet in my home. Watch below to see if it worked!
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