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Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

After the birth of my youngest, Spencer, in 2007, I was unsure if I wanted more children. I was only 29 and I didn’t want to close that window just yet. I opted for an IUD and was thrilled to find out that one of the POSSIBLE things that could happen was….. no more cycles! I was absolutely ecstatic to learn that I was one of the lucky ones. I did not have a cycle for almost 8 years. Can you even imagine how wonderful that is in your early late 20’s, early 30’s? There was a down fall to to having kids as well. Can you sneeze without peeing a little? Oh come on, we are all adults here right? We know it happens to so many women. I am not ashamed to admit this. It is one of my “battle wounds” for my wonderful children. Yes, it can be annoying at times but, I will gladly live with it to have them in my life. It is a small price to pay!

My IUD was only good for 7 years. At 36 years old, and my sons being 7 and 12, I accepted that I wasn’t meant to have a little girl. All Mom’s want a little girl but, I decided to close the bakery for good. There would be no more buns baking in this oven. So, I went in June and I had a tubal. The removal of the IUD, of course, would put me back in the cycle stage. This was not something I looked forward to. In August and September, no cycle! I thought that I was one of those extremely rare cases when it wouldn’t come back. It turns out, October rolled around and I wasn’t so lucky.

Always Discreet Knows Mom Issues  - DelightfulChaos.com
I had not purchased tampons, liners or pads in so long. I walked into Target and felt like I was in some foreign land. The selections were overwhelming. Since this cycle was so light, I opted for liners. Always has a new line called Always Discreet. Let me first start by saying that these are not meant for menstruating. As I mentioned earlier, I do have that “Mom Sneezing” issue and I have found a multiple use for the liners! I have a much harder time finding something for a cycle than for sneezing.  Always Discreet Liners, Pads and Underwear absorb 2X more than you may need, based on average US consumer usage. Always Discreet Pads are up to 40% thinner. Always Discreet Underwear  had Dual LeakGuard™ barriers help prevent leaks where they happen most. Protect yourself from bladder leaks so you can dance with freedom, laugh with confidence, and be yourself without worry. I for one laugh a lot and I am ok, as long as no sneezing occurs! Always Discreet is New at Target! You can also request an Always Discreet Free Sample! You can also save on your purchase as well.

In-Store Savings: Text DISCREET to TARGET (827438) for instant coupons on Always Discreet. (Expires 12/31/14) Also, now through October 25, when you buy $20 of Always Discreet products, you get a FREE carrying case ($6 value). Look for the Always Discreet display at your local Target!

Online Savings: Enter promo code DISCREET at checkout to save $1. Visit http://clvr.li/X9q8uS for details. (Expires 12/31/14)

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Disclosure:I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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