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PostHeaderIcon If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

What Super Power would you have? - DelightfulChaos.com

Do you ever wish that you had a few more hands to pick up toys? How would you like the ability to fly so you could get places faster? I think every parent wishes that and I think us single parents wish it twice as much. It’s endless days and sometimes endless nights of one thing after another.

My friends son, who is 5, asked me today, “Miss Toni? If you were a Superhero, what would your special power be?” OH BOY! Really? Now be honest Moms, you know you have sat down and thought about this one at least a dozen times. It is such a hard thing to decide upon. I would want my powers to change depending on what was going on that day. What.. am I asking for too much? It is my fantasy after all isn’t it?

I really think I would want a Mary Poppins type super power. It worked out that he actually new who Mary Poppins was so I didn’t have to explain. My trust bag would make traveling much lighter, the finger snapping would always keep everything perfectly tidy at home, and hell, who doesn’t want to fly?

What would your super power be?

Disclosure: N/A I wrote it because I wanted to.

PostHeaderIcon Making Snowballs in April in Northwest Ohio

Snowballs in April - DelightfulChaos.com
The birds were chirping….. The sun was shining…. An amazing breeze was blowing…. Yesterday is was a gorgeous 77 degrees in Northwest Ohio. I took a 6 mile walk through the park and played with some puppies. It was weird to be outside without at least a sweater on. It has been so cold for so long, this year, that I almost forgot what not wearing one felt like.

When the alarm went off this morning, at 6:30, I looked outside and the ground was covered with snow. It’s currently 26 and windy. When did this start happening to our planet? Was I just that clueless as a kid that I didn’t notice it? I certainly do not remember having as many snow days from school as the boys have. We had to make up 11 days this year. It was so crazy that they actually extended our school days by an hour. This is a bit of an inconvenience, however, it’s better than extending the end of the school year.
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PostHeaderIcon Never Forgotten 9/11

List of the 343 NYFD members that gave the greatest sacrifice of all on 9-11-2001

Joseph Agnello, Lad.118
Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13
Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D)
Richard Allen, Lad.15
Cpt. James Amato, Sqd. 1
Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng. 4
Joseph Agnello, Lad.118
Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13
Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D)
Richard Allen, Lad.15
Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1
Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng. 4
Joseph Angelini, Res.1 (D)
Joseph Angelini Jr., Lad. 4
Faustino Apostol Jr., Bat. 2
David Arce, Eng. 33
Louis Arena, Lad. 5 (D)
Carl Asaro, Bat. 9
Lt. Gregg Atlas, Eng.10
Gerald Atwood, Lad. 21
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PostHeaderIcon Wordless Wednesday: Sunscreen 101

Yes, I know… It is supposed to be wordless… This is what happens when parents can’t take just a few moments to put sunscreen on their children. My poor son came home last night from visitation with the other parental unit and this is what he looked like.  My poor baby was in so much pain and appeared dehydrated. He just laid on the couch in front of the fan with a bottle of water in his hand. I put some aloe on him and that was all I could do before sending him back for the remainder of his visitation :( I am so proud to be a Coppertone Water Mom and I ALWAYS put sunscreen on my boys. Sometimes so much it annoys them. To that I say to bad, better to annoy them then give them skin cancer! I don’t really know what some parents are thinking. My boyfriend’s son also had sunburn on his face so bad that it was blistering. :(


Disclosure: This is a personal post because I just felt like doing one. Not because I was asked or paid to. That is still allowed right?

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