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PostHeaderIcon Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz – Party Style

We had the most amazing play date ever! Before we get into that, the FTC says I have to tell you that the folks over at Ridemakerz and MomSelect sent us a fantastic kit (and that all opinions are my own) for Spencer to host a party with all of his friends from school! The fun stuff is coming but, let me tell you a little bit about these amazingly fun vehicles.

Start your engines! The newest name in customized car kits for kids is RIDEMAKERZ XTREME CUSTOMZ! XTREME CUSTOMZ are scale-sized, customizable vehicles that transform just as fast as children’s imaginations. Starting from a wide range of body styles, kids use their creativity to customize their vehicle with interchangeable “Mix N Match” parts, and make the car or “RIDE” of their dreams come alive. XTREME CUSTOMZ RIDEZ are easy to assemble for kids ages 5+, and feature a 4-mode adjustable chassis to go from Race, Lifted, Jacked and Off-Road…all with the push of a button! XTREME CUSTOMZ are available in:

  • Starter Kits – 1:48 scale (about the size of a cell phone) single vehicle with “Mix N Match” accessories
  • Swap Sets – two 1:48 scale vehicles with “Mix N Match” accessories
  • XL Kits –1:18 scale (about the size of a football) single vehicle with “Mix N Match” accessories

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PostHeaderIcon House Partypalooza

What is House Partypalooza?

Are you interested in hosting exclusive house parties in your community?

House Partypalooza is Child’s Play Communications’ own house party program. Child’s Play works with a select number of moms across the country to host exclusive house parties for a broad range of companies.

As a host, you will invite other moms in your community – and on occasion their kids – to participate in a fun-filled party! Child’s Play will create a detailed party package that includes information on the line, specific party ideas, product samples and ideally coupons.

If you are interested in becoming a host for House Partypalooza, they invite you to fill out the application – click here!

PostHeaderIcon Beat BBQ Boredom House Party

Here’s the party scoop:

  • If selected to host, you’ll invite your friends and family over on August 14th to experience a BBQ unlike any other — featuring delicious grilled pizzas made with Boboli.
  • You’ll wow your guests’ palates with six entirely un-boring grilled pizza combinations and also put backyard games to the fun-test, putting exciting new spins on old classics.
  • To top it off, Boboli will send you a FREE party pack filled with goodies, including product coupons and pizza gear — all in the name of beating BBQ boredom!

If selected, your FREE Beat BBQ Boredom party pack will include:

  • Coupons for hosts to purchase 8 Boboli Pizza Crusts
  • Coupons for Boboli Pizza Crust for your guests
  • 1 Food Tent for your Pizza
  • 15 Branded Grocery Totes
  • 15 Branded Picture Frame Refrigerator Magnets
  • Boboli Recipe Cards
  • Grilling Tips & Product Information

PostHeaderIcon Kleenex Fresh Clean Hands House Party


Host a Fresh Clean Hands House Party

Clean hands are a major component to healthy living. On Saturday, July 24th, you could be selected to host a Clean & Fresh Hands House Party, to spread the word on healthy hands, and have some fun in the process!

Your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.

This party is all about teaching your kids and guests the importance of washing and drying hands, using new Kleenex® Hand Towels. Everyone will stay entertained with some super-fun arts and crafts projects, including creating bathroom artwork and making their own unique soaps in fun shapes and colors.

If selected to host this party, you’ll get your (clean) hands on a FREE party pack of goodies to help kick off your party, including product samples and drawing supplies for an art activity to help you create lots of good, clean fun for everyone!

Spaces are limited — don’t miss out.


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