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PostHeaderIcon 6th Annual Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Image9How often do you think, “I wonder where this came from?”, when you are at the grocery store, sitting on your furniture.. what about the materials used to build your house? I bet your answer was never. Don’t feel bad, you are among the millions of others that never think a truck driver supplied it.

All too often, truck drivers are not thought of or appreciated. Most of the population doesn’t even understand the importance of this job and what these men and women sacrifice for US. The only “easy” thing about being a truck driver is physically driving the truck. Even that isn’t easy at times. Imagine how you feel trying to navigate the roads in the rain and snow… now add roughly 70,000 pounds to it. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Most truck drivers I know love the open road. What they don’t like is 4-wheelers. That would be you, in your car or SUV.

Before I met one of my good friends, I had a lot of misconceptions about trucking and truckers. I bet you think they just get in the truck and go. That’s just so difficult right? Wrong… Before every driver can even head down the road, they have a multitude of things that they Semi Truckneed to do first. What do you do when you get to work? Punch the clock and begin. Not these men and women!  They have to know EXACTLY what the weight of their load is, what the tractor/trailer weighs, what to do if they are overweight, can they legally drive to a scale to even find out if they are legal weight. Yes, shippers do screw up and it’s on the driver! Which I personally think is garbage but, I digress. That’s not even all of it. They have to know if they have enough time left to deliver the load on time, take a shower, eat, do routine maintenance,  do I have the permits that I need, pre-trip inspections, bridges or tunnels on the route… *deep breath* I really could go on and on but, I think you get the idea.

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PostHeaderIcon Get your Pooch in the @PurinaOneDog 28 Day Challenge #ONEDifference #PMedia #ad

Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Purina One, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ONEDifference http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I don’t know about were you live but, the weather in Ohio has finally started to feel more like Spring. Alright, well maybe not the nights when it was in the 30’s but, the days have been much more comfortable. It is that time to start getting the 2 legged and 4 legged kids out to the parks and get them moving.
Purina One 28 Day Challenge - DelightfulChaos.com
One of the ways that you can help add to getting out horizontal kids a little healthier, is to join in on the Purina One 28 Day Challenge. I would like to introduce you to Lola. She is a 4 month old Pit Bull. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I am a supporter of the breed. Lola is a Purina dog already but, she is switching over to the Purina One for this challenge. I am very excited to get her started! Since Lola is a newcomer to our planet, it’s important that the right food is picked for her. She is energetic, loving, and definitely has her own brilliant personality going. She is smart as a whip too! Lola already knows all of her commands and is house broken.
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PostHeaderIcon Raising Children of Divorce….. Bluntly

It’s incredibly scary how your hatred for another person can take control of what you know is right and wrong.  It consumes a lot of the positive you feel and can take over. There are very few people in this world that I truly hate, hate being a very strong word, but, there are a few.  I came across this today and felt the need to share.

I wholeheartedly love my boys and while I do not get along with my ex-husband, I make it a point to never speak to my sons like this. Yes, I have slipped out on a time or two over the years in anger, but, I have definitely learned to take the high road with them on it. I know they are going to remember everything. I don’t want to be the one they remember hurting them. If even one person is affected by this and changes their ways, it would have been worth the share.


PostHeaderIcon Harry Potter Strikes Again….Goat Accused of Robbery

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