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I don’t know about were you live but, the weather in Ohio has finally started to feel more like Spring. Alright, well maybe not the nights when it was in the 30’s but, the days have been much more comfortable. It is that time to start getting the 2 legged and 4 legged kids out to the parks and get them moving.
Purina One 28 Day Challenge - DelightfulChaos.com
One of the ways that you can help add to getting out horizontal kids a little healthier, is to join in on the Purina One 28 Day Challenge. I would like to introduce you to Lola. She is a 4 month old Pit Bull. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I am a supporter of the breed. Lola is a Purina dog already but, she is switching over to the Purina One for this challenge. I am very excited to get her started! Since Lola is a newcomer to our planet, it’s important that the right food is picked for her. She is energetic, loving, and definitely has her own brilliant personality going. She is smart as a whip too! Lola already knows all of her commands and is house broken.
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PostHeaderIcon Terrific Tuesday: Dog saves boy from bee attack

She says this is a boxer but it looks like a Pit Bull to me?

PostHeaderIcon Police investigate Stroudsburg, PA killer dogs

My mom called me about this story in her local paper this morning. Just another example of people who shouldn’t own dogs, who don’t know how to handle a breed, mix breeding and just a sad happening. If you follow my blog close enough, you already know that my father was the owner of the sweetest pit ever and this is a topic that really hit home for me. It makes me absolutely livid.

By Andrew Scott
Pocono Record Writer
August 26, 2010

The veterinary technician who examined two dogs shot Tuesday by police in Stroudsburg found many old scars on the animals.

Police believe the dogs had killed cats and other animals and attacked an officer over the last several days while running loose in the Brodhead Creek area.

Stroud Area Regional Police took the wounded dogs to Creature Comforts in Saylorsburg. There, veterinary technician Liz Acevedo examined the dogs and determined the gunshot wounds were too severe for the dogs to be saved, after which they were euthanized.

“We found scars all over both dogs,” Acevedo said Wednesday. “Those scars are older than the bullet wounds. It’s possible those scars could have come from the dogs fighting, but it’s also possible they’re from something else. We don’t want to speculate.”

SARP Lt. Brian Kimmins said there have been recent reports of dogs being bred and trained to fight, but said it remains to be seen if police will find any evidence of that in this case. Kimmins said further investigation, which involves a meeting in the near future with Monroe County dog warden George Nixon, will help police determine exactly what charges to file against the dogs’ owner, Tiffany Staples, 22, of First Street, Stroudsburg.

Police notified the public over the weekend that two vicious dogs had been running loose in Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg. The dogs had killed five cats, fatally mauled a deer and charged at a police officer.

The dogs, a male and his mother, were described as brown with black facial marks, possibly pit bull/boxer mixes, having no collars or tags and appearing to have been living outdoors for some time. (So glad the idiots wrote POSSIBLY. TO bad most people will skil that word when reading and go right to PIT BULL)

Police learned Tuesday morning that two dogs fitting the description had been spotted in Stroud Township, near the Brodhead Creek’s western dike, and tracked the dogs south into Stroudsburg. Police saw the dogs in the area between First Street and the western dike and shot both.

The bleeding dogs made their way to the Staples residence, where Tiffany Staples identified herself as the owner.

Staples told police her dogs couldn’t have been the ones that had been causing all the trouble. The family said they let the dogs go over the dike into the creek, but that the dogs always returned to the house. (NOPE! Couldn’t have been her dogs. the ones she just opened the door and let run loose. They clearly came home and were on their best doggie behavior while they were allowed to run wild)

And then there’s the question of what breed Staples’ dogs were. Kimmins said Staples told police they were pit bull mixes.

“They could have been,” Acevedo said. “All pit bulls are mixed with something else, but you can’t tell what that something else is without a DNA test. These dogs could have had some German shepherd in them as well.” (Again, lets name another breed when we have NO idea for sure!)

News about this case has called attention to the pit bull breed being stereotyped as vicious and aggressive.

“People are ready to crucify the breed, and that’s not fair,” said pit bull owner Kevin Scheirer of Stroudsburg. “Pit bulls can be the most gentle, loving, amazing dogs if you train them the right way. If a pit bull turns out to be vicious, it’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s.“(HERE HERE KEVIN! Someone buy this man a drink!)


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Part 2: Why don’t people take 5 minutes to educate themselves?

PostHeaderIcon Part 2: Why don’t people take 5 minutes to educate themselves?

Yesterday I wrote a post about a Pit Bull that had been shot by one of our local law enforcement. I am truly disgusted to say that the owner had the dog euthanized yesterday AT HIS OWN REQUEST. He wasn’t ordered to do so. So this poor dog paid for the mistakes of it’s owner? Would you put your child down if they didn’t act the way “they were supposed to” because you did an awful job of showing them the correct way to behave? My dog was part of my family. “Pets” should be treated as family and not like an animal who just lives with you. *steps down off her soapbox* I am truly sad for this pup.

Source: The Toledo Blade

A Toledo police officer Saturday shot and wounded a dog that, the officer said, was attacking. The dog, identified by police as a brown adult male “pit bull,” was reported at large about 7:40 a.m. in the 1800 block of Brussels Street and Matlack Avenue between Brussels and Brame Place. The dog warden responded and followed the dog into a yard in the 1800 block of Brame. She was unable to capture the dog and asked Officer Lawrence Demski to cut off its escape route, according to a police report. The dog was shot once as it attacked, Officer Demski wrote in the report. The pitbull was euthanized Saturday night at its owners’ request.

The dog’s condition had stabilized at the veterinary clinic but it would have needed an amputation or extensive surgery if not put down, Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said.

This was not the first time the dog had been reported. Ms. Lyle said she received a call a few days ago about two dogs running loose at that address.

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