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PostHeaderIcon May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and Mabel’s Labels has launched their newly re-designed Allergy Alert Labels. These labels are a must-have to help make sure that your family is eating safely. Allergy Alerts are durable, waterproof labels that specify allergies on items such as lunch boxes, water bottles, travel gear and much more!  These personalized kids allergy labels help make sure that your family is eating safely. Be sure to promote these newly re-designed labels on your site today!

I have always been a HUGE fan of these labels. I was first introduced to them when Royal was 6 (he is almost 11 now!) and I have never been disappointed. Every time I talk about Mabel’s Labels, I feel the need to mention that my sons baseball glove from first grade, now used by his brother, STILL has his name label on it. After years of use, abuse and sweat. You will LOVE this product.

PostHeaderIcon Welcome Back Excedrin Migraine! Still Managing Mommy Migraines

Most Moms know that when a migraine hits, you have to get it immediately. I personally have trucked through many of them because I had to. The boys still want dinner, still have homework to get done and are still going to yell and fight. Life doesn’t stop because Mom doesn’t feel good, especially not for us single ones.

I recently went to New York for the Excedrin Migraine Media Event. Even though I have been using Excedrin Migraine for many years, there was so much information that I was unaware of. According to a recent survey from the makers of Excedrin Migraine, a large majority of women who suffer from migraines agree that with a better understanding of their triggers (90%) and the right tools to track their triggers and symptoms (83%), they can better manage an attack. That’s why the folks at Excedrin® Migraine have developed a new app called My Migraine Triggers. This apple is available free on iTunes. It allows you to track and gather information  so you can understand what might be triggering your migraines. Once you find those triggers, you can begin to try to prevent them. You can download the app at MigraineResource.comI never tracked my triggers so I was really excited to learn about the My Migraine Triggers app. I really recommend checking it out because some of the features are really impressive and helpful.
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PostHeaderIcon Summer Vacations and Sick Stomachs

The boys have always been relatively healthy children. They get the common cold here and there but thankfully, they do great. I am grateful for this because they traveled a lot this summer between two households. Nothing can ruin a vacation like one of them getting sick. Having just returned from a vacation to California, I was so happy that the boys felt 100% the entire time. Since they have never flown before, I was expecting something. Also considering that 47% of families on vacation have reported having a child become sick, I was concerned.

We do regular doctor visits when needed, mix up the fruits and veggies for variety and every morning, that the boys are at home with me, they take gummy vitamins. This has actually become such a routine in the past 2 years that Royal will grab them for both within 5 minutes of them waking up. My kids take their vitamins before they even eat their breakfast! WHAT?! Happy Mommy moment there!

Lately I have been hearing more and more about probiotics. I learned a bit more about them at BlogHer this year because there were several booths with them. Culturelle Probiotic helps restore the natural balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract to help alleviate occasional digestive upset and support a child’s own natural defenses. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Things to check out around #BlogHer12


I’m just wandering around New York so thought I would share some stuff I found. Some are just things I needed to find, like Starbucks! I’ll update it as I find more.

There is a really nice Farmers Market on Rockafella Plaza between 50th and 49th.

Nintendo World (I should have stayed out lol) on Rockafella Plaza between 49th and 48th.

Starbucks on 52nd and 7th

Duane Reade is a 24 hour pharmacy. It’s two levels so if you’re looking for incidentals, head downstairs. Toothpaste in the gift shop was $6 ;) It’s one block from the Sheraton on the corner of Broadway and 52nd.

If you have a few hours to kill, there is the Brooklyn Bridge walk. It’s about 4.5 miles from the Sheraton. It’s a self guided tour with 7 stops and is 4 miles long. It’s a very nice scenic walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn. If you have your kids with you, make sure you stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory!

Central Park is 8 blocks from the Sheraton (if I counted correctly.) It Starts at 59th and goes all the way to 110th.

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