Toni-Lynn Barber - DelightfulChaos.comMy name is Toni-Lynn and I have been blogging since 2008. I live in Northwest Ohio with my Fiancee and our, combined, 4 sons. They boys are Hunter 17, Royal 16, Alex 11 and Spencer 11. I am also a #dogmom to a 1-year-old black lab named Lexi.

Some things that I do:
Owner of Mak Media
Thirty-One Independent Consultant
Le-Vel Brand Promoter

We love the outdoors and enjoy doing just about anything from playing a card game to taking a trip spontaneously. Spending time together as a family and getting the kids out in the world is important to us.

All of my reviews are written honestly. I pride myself on being an unbiased entity. As such, I do accept free products for review. I will and do currently accept and keep all free products that are received. These may include but are not limited to, tangible products, services, event tickets, travel, or other forms of compensation.

I ultimately have the best interest of my readers in mind. Although I do accept free product materials and compensation, on occasion, any compensation received does not influence my opinion or reviews regarding the worth of the item or service in question. In order to best serve my following, I form opinions solely on the value the product or service will add my readers.

No one ever feels good about being misled. I will never intentionally attempt to sway you in any direction without a working knowledge of the item at hand. I will test the toys, use the beauty products, sample the food items and experience the services. After all is said and done, I will give an honest opinion, this includes if I do not like the product or find something not working correctly. The boys always give me their honest opinion on items that they are asked to review. I don’t sugar coat. I write what they tell me. If it is a product that I use, the pinions are mine you might not agree. I will always let a brand know if I am unhappy for any reason before posting about it. I will never delete the opinions in the comments from my readers should you choose to tell me what you think of an item.

I claim no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for products that may become faulty, recalled, or questionable.

Post Guidelines:
Any product that is sent to me, will be done so free of charge and will not be returned. (Unless previously discussed) I will let you know when your product arrives and give you an estimated time when your review will be posted.

When a giveaway is requested, you are responsible for mailing any prize(s) to the winner with an acceptable amount of time. We do not mail prizes to winners. I use Rafflecopter for my giveaways and publish them on multiple Social Media sites.

If you have a press release, the information you would like me to share with my readers or a giveaway that does not include a review, please contact me for my rates to cover my time.

Social Media:

Please contact me at TONILYNN @ MAKMEDIALLC . COM