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PostHeaderIcon Curb those Nicotine Cravings When You Just Can’t Smoke with Aqua-Tine #Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

Aquatine 40 pack IS 25% off with promo codeSmoking, yes I do it. Yes. I know it’s unhealthy. Yes, I know it’s bad for me. Yes, I know how bad it smells. It has always been a push pull thing with me. If this explanation doesn’t help you understand my struggle, I don’t know what will. Hang tight for this one!

I quit, the first time, in 2002, when I became pregnant with Royal. I started again in 2005 because, well, I was an idiot. I stopped again in 2006 when I became pregnant with Spencer. I started again in 2008 when my Dad passed away. I stopped in 2010 just because I wanted to. I started again in 2011 when my grandfather passed away. This was short lived and I quit 2 months later. Once again, I started in 2012 when my boyfriend died. That was pretty much the end of it. I have been smoking since then.

Many people have a beer or a glass of wine but, I don’t drink. I suppose smoking is my relaxation. My fiancee is a smoker as well, or at least he was 4 weeks ago. I am very excited to tell you how he quit. He had a little assistance from a product called Aqua-tine.

Aqua-tine is the modern, socially-acceptable alternative to cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco. Aqua-tine is a small 2.4 ml packet of homeopathic liquid nicotine formulation. It is colorless, virtually tasteless, and temporarily relieves your tobacco craving; it is particularity suited for situations and environments where you cannot or choose not to smoke. However, my fiancee used it to curb his cravings during the quitting process. It not to help you quit smoking by any means.

It is great for when you are out to dinner with friends and you don’t want to be the only on leaving to go smoke. You miss out on all the fun! Think about what a great thing this would be to have on those long flights when you can’t smoke. Just mix it with you beverage and if you follow the instructions, it should not affect the taste of any beverage. Please DO NOT use it without mixing it in your drink. It is not intended to be used like that.

Aqua-tine is airplane friendly, completely discreet, has only three ingredients, virtually no taste and none of the carcinogens found in regular cigarettes! You can use up to two packets of Aqua-tine per hour. It is not recommended to use Aqua-tine with energy drinks or alcohol. It is produced in the USA and meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drug products. Aqua-tine is ahead of e-cigarette regulations and provides a solution for tobacco cravings without the harmful tar and chemicals found in cigarettes.

Readers can now receive 25% Off the Aqua-tine 40-pack (reg. $24.95) by using code AQUATINE25OFF:

We know how challenging it is to curb those nicotine cravings, and there are many tobacco alternatives on the market, but none that will love you the way this brand does..

Do not use this product simultaneously with smoke, chew, tobacco, e-cigarettes or any other nicotine-containing products.AQUATINE HELPS CURB NICOTINE CRAVINGS

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