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PostHeaderIcon Daily Healthy Habits That Make A Big Difference

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

Daily Healthy HabitsDo you want to learn a few simple steps to a healthy you? Am I a doctor? NO… Am I a health expert? NO… Am I a working mother with children that found many things that work for her? ABSOLUTELY! I wanted to share with you a few changes that I have made in the past 6 months. They have made big changes happen for me and I am extremely happy that I decided to take this road. I want to be a healthy Mom. I want to have healthy children. I want to be healthy enough to run around with them. Am I where I want to be yet? NO…. but, I am not where I was either!

10 thousands steps a day – I never understood how difficult this can be, for many people, until I purchased a FitBit. I was surprised to see I was only getting 4,000-5,000 a day. WHAT! Start small. Shoot for a little more each day or week. Whatever you can do to help you reach that 10,000 a day. Walking is a very healthy and easy exercise.

8 hours of sleep a night – Most of us have a very hard time getting this done. 6-7 hours of solid sleep is much better than 8 hours of broken sleep, in my opinion. Getting enough sleep is a great step to becoming more healthy.

7 big glasses of water a day – Did you know that you should drink a least half your body weight, in ounces, every day? For instance, if you weight 150 lbs you should be drinking a minimum of 75 oz. If you weight 200 lbs 100 oz and so on. I won’t tell you how much I weight lol but, i drink sometimes 200 oz of water a day. Now this is way more than I need to drink but, water has made the world of difference. If you don’t like water, try flavored water! I have developed a love for cucumber water but then again, I absolutely love cucumbers. Water is so healthy for you!

4 servings of fruits and vegetables – For many, this is very easy. For those like me, who hate fruits and vegetables, it’s not so simple. I do like SOME but there aren’t many. In order to get what I need, I focuses on what I DID like. I also TRIED very hard to learn to like new things.  Which ones do you love, or at least like? Pick at least 2 fruits and 2 vegetables. Rotate them through out the week so you don’t get “tired of eating the same thing” The next week, try to find something else and rotate again. Even if on week 3, you have to go back to week 1 items, that’s okay! I only like 4 of each so that’s what I do. Add the fruits to your breakfast and the veggies to your lunch and dinner. My biggest switch was iceberg lettuce to romaine lettuce. I am currently trying to learn to eat the skin on a cucumber. Peeling it takes away most of the nutrition. When you find the ones you like best, you will be on your way to making your body more healthy.

2 hours of screen free time before bed – I know, we all love our cell phones and tablets. I would often lay in bed and play a game before actually going to sleep. It was a very hard one for me to adjust to! My sleep habits were absolutely awful. I did have the help of Thrive to help but, cutting out the screen time made a difference that I can’t even explain. Feel free to click the link if you want to learn more. I can feel myself getting more healthy now that I am sleeping better at night….. and not all day long.

Get Outdoors – I absolutely love being outdoors. I do prefer the fall over the summer but, I would rather be cold than hot, but that’s just me. In the few years I have become a gardener and also go in the pool way more than I ever have. We love to camp, hike and walk our local trails. I am fortunate to have a family that loves these things as well and they motivate me, some days they drag me, to get out of the house. Having a support system is a big help.

I hope that something in this article will help you start your new journey. Leave a comment and tell me what changes you have made to make your life a little more healthy.

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