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PostHeaderIcon Trying to Figure Out a Garden for the First Time

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Gardening & Canning - DelightfulChaos.comOne thing I have always wanted to do was have a garden. While I am extremely picky about fruits and vegetables, I love the idea of picking, and preparing, fresh produce for my family. So, we took the plunge and made a garden. I should say, I made a cute pouty face at Patrick and he got right to tilling our yard! Yea, we will go with that, he got right on it. We laid down some 2x4x10 pieces of wood in the yard and the tilling template was born. Yep, that was it.

Then, it was too late. I had this big patch of dirt in my yard and it was real. I was going to have a garden! I clearly didn’t think it through because then I sat and thought, ” What the heck am I going to plant in there?!” Off to the garden store I went. Once I saw the price of fruits and vegetables that were already starting to grow, on to the seed isle I went.

Do you know how many different kinds of tomatoes there are? Within 5 minutes, I was so overwhelmed with the options. Suddenly this venture wasn’t fun anymore. As I was headed out of the store, I notice these things called Miracle-Gro Groables. After spending all of 10 seconds reading the little container, I was sold! Each little pod has growing materials to help retain moisture and protect the seed. Slow release plant food to gradually deliver essential nutrition to promote root development and specially selected seed, placed perfectly in the pod. I seriously love these things. Other than being easy to use, they were only $1! All you have to do is push them into the ground, water and DONE! Well, done for the moment.

Garden3The thing I loved was, the pods were sprouting in a matter of days. It’s very exciting to see things start to grow. We planted, from the Miracle-Gro Groables were, cucumbers, roma tomatoes,  watermelon, zucchini and broccoli. We also planted, from seeds, pumpkins, green beans, onions, white cabbage and red cabbage.

This year has been a crazy learning experience. We planted 3 of each pod, 3 pumpkin seeds, 20 green bean, 4 red cabbage and 3 white cabbage. I am so excited to tell you the rest of our gardening story. I am going to close here so basically, to be continued! :)


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