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PostHeaderIcon GoGo squeeZ……Applesauce To Go

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

“GoGo” is really an idea and a way of looking at the world. People tend to over complicate things when the truth is a simple fact right in front of them. “GoGo” is the simple unstructured and active play that is pure goodness for kids (and the kid in all of us). “GoGo” is about having the imagination to create delight in any situation.

At GoGo squeeZ, their mission is to make it easier for kids & families to be a little healthier and happier. They work in the magical space where kids are happy and parents are affirmed. GoGo kids ask for healthier snacks and love to play outside. GoGo moms get to say YES! more often. Our purpose is to spread more “GoGo” love. They invite you to join them. They invite you to play. The more the merrier.

If it’s a snack the boys can eat in the Jeep and not make a mess, I am all for trying it! Combine that with healthy and we are good to go. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t give my kids a lot of junk food. I don’t keep soda in the house (even if I did they boys are not permitted to have it), I don’t buy cookies, cakes and candy. If there are any cookies it’s usually something we baked from scratch. At least I know what they are eating then. We don’t even buy ice cream anymore, only frozen yogurt and the boys really like it so I am happy!

GoGo squeeZ is a version of plain old applesauce made fun. It is available in 5 flavors, Apple Apple, Apple Strawberry, Apple Peach, Apple Banana and Apple Cinnamon. They range from 45 to 60 calories each, No added sugar, gluten and dairy free, no artificial flavors or preservatives!!

When I first saw this I found it almost amusing. The boys will take the applesauce cups, peal back the top only 25% of the way and “drink” it when we are on trips or something to avoid a mess. I always said it would be cool if someone made it “drinkable”! FINALLY!

Go Go Squeeze is perfect for kids!  All they have to do is twist off the cap and squeeze it into their mouths.  No spoon, no mess, no hassle.   Each pouch is one serving of fruit.  You can purchase GoGo Squeeze at Stop N’ Shop, Whole Foods and Kings.

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