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PostHeaderIcon Growums Garden Kits: They grow it, They eat it (Giveaway)

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Spring is here!  If you are like me that means planting! Gardening is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. Anyone can plant some seeds or bulbs, anyone dig up an already established garden and replant it in their own yard. I like to get involved in my garden and the boys love it too. I always wondered if they would eat certain vegetables if they actually grew them on their own. Well this year I am putting that to the test with the Growums Garden Kits. We are planting the seeds to help get them more into gardening and on the path to healthy eating.

According to the American Gardening Association, 98 percent of kids who grow their own vegetables, eat them so I am hopeful! Now Growums gives kids the tools they need to get started with specially-themed garden kits that combine learning and fun with an unique and exciting online educational experience to grow vegetables and herbs; all with a little help from a colorful cast of herb and vegetable characters!

  • Though there may be other gardening kits on the market labeled for children, this is the only kit known to offer an interactive platform.  The characters enhance the entire gardening experience with a fun and entertaining approach that instills the healthy eating habits so important in the struggle against childhood obesity.
  • Kids can choose from six fun kits including Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden and Ratatouille Garden to grow a real garden with virtual world fun.  Each garden kit features unique, magical coco or peat pellets that make planting and growing practically foolproof.
  • Kids start by going to http://www.growums.com/ to register their garden and follow the colorful characters in a virtual garden world that shows them how to care for their vegetables.  This animated step-by-step series of mini videos are updated every ten days with tips on what to expect next and how to care for the seedlings.  With a little help and information from Tomicio the tomato, Frank Cilantro, Belle Peppa, Ice Berg the lettuce wrapper and, of course, Elvis Parsley and more; in a matter of weeks kids will be able to harvest fresh vegetables and herbs to create nutritious meals.  Weekly emails also alert children to next steps and explain topics including watering, weeding, growth cycles and more.
  • Healthy eating is a key component in the battle against childhood obesity.  The Growums program:
  • Gives children a life-changing experience, teaching them that they can grow their own food and help the environment, as well as emphasize the importance of healthy eating
  • Gives them gardening knowledge and shows them the skills it takes to become a successful gardener – no matter what their age
  • Gives kids a chance to have fun quality time with their parents, siblings and grandparents in the garden
  • And offers them unique online play with colorful cartoon characters that transform gardening into a fun and entertaining experience
  • Growums are available online and at independent garden centers across the country as well as for use as fundraisers.  For every Growums garden kit purchased through a fundraiser, a generous portion goes to the child’s school or organization and the company donates a portion of proceeds to feed needy children.

These little kits are just amazing. As you can see from our Cucumbers below, they are growing like crazy! This is part of the Salad kit. I have never see anything grow this fast. It was so simple to get them planted it really took us less than 15 minutes to plant 2 kits. We did have some seeds not grow at all but like the package suggests, we replanted in 10 days. It has been a long time since I have been able to have a vegetable garden and I am so excited to see this one growing. The boys are not big on vegetables but they are so excited to try everything that they are growing. I will do a follow up on this once we have vegetables coming in!

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