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PostHeaderIcon It’s not really free….. Is it?

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

A friend of mine always says “Nothing is free.” I always argued this. “What do you mean? Of course its free, I don’t want anything in return!” Now, if you are looking at this from the monetary side of things, I would have to agree. Yes things can be free. However, if you broaden that view you would see that really, nothing is free. Everything costs you something one way or another.

This morning I received a coupon from Famous Dave’s, a fantastic BBQ restaurant. I am in no way knocking Dave’s as we love this place but, here is what the coupon said…

“Get A Free Appetizer, Buy 2 or more regular priced dinner platters or dinner combos, and receive an appetizer of your choice on us! That’s right. It’s FREE!! Nadda, Nothing, Zip, Zilch… not a dime!

Some might argue its free because you aren’t paying for the appetizer, ok but its not really free because you have to buy 2+ meals to get it. You also use the gas to get there etc.

Am I an over thinking? You bet your butt I am!

One Response to “It’s not really free….. Is it?”

  • Dawn says:

    Definitely NOT free since you are required to spend a whole lot more money than the cost of the appetizer to get it “free”.

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