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PostHeaderIcon Part 2: Why don’t people take 5 minutes to educate themselves?

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

Yesterday I wrote a post about a Pit Bull that had been shot by one of our local law enforcement. I am truly disgusted to say that the owner had the dog euthanized yesterday AT HIS OWN REQUEST. He wasn’t ordered to do so. So this poor dog paid for the mistakes of it’s owner? Would you put your child down if they didn’t act the way “they were supposed to” because you did an awful job of showing them the correct way to behave? My dog was part of my family. “Pets” should be treated as family and not like an animal who just lives with you. *steps down off her soapbox* I am truly sad for this pup.

Source: The Toledo Blade

A Toledo police officer Saturday shot and wounded a dog that, the officer said, was attacking. The dog, identified by police as a brown adult male “pit bull,” was reported at large about 7:40 a.m. in the 1800 block of Brussels Street and Matlack Avenue between Brussels and Brame Place. The dog warden responded and followed the dog into a yard in the 1800 block of Brame. She was unable to capture the dog and asked Officer Lawrence Demski to cut off its escape route, according to a police report. The dog was shot once as it attacked, Officer Demski wrote in the report. The pitbull was euthanized Saturday night at its owners’ request.

The dog’s condition had stabilized at the veterinary clinic but it would have needed an amputation or extensive surgery if not put down, Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said.

This was not the first time the dog had been reported. Ms. Lyle said she received a call a few days ago about two dogs running loose at that address.

3 Responses to “Part 2: Why don’t people take 5 minutes to educate themselves?”

  • Karen R says:

    Animal abuse really touches my heart. Animal owners should be held accountable for their pets. Don’t get an animal, if you aren’t committed to give him/her a forever home. They are a family member. Choose adoption until all animal shelters are empty.

  • Toni-Lynn says:

    I agree! I got my dog from the Human society and she was a complete doll! Most people are obsessed with a “breed” than having a additional family member. I would have 10 dogs if I could.

  • Auriette says:

    A lot of people have dogs, and breeds like Pit Bulls in particular, not because they love dogs but because they want a tough dog or a guard dog. They have these dogs not as pets but as some sort of status symbol or because the crowd they hang with has them or in order to breed puppies that they will sell in parking lots or on the side of the road. Unfortunately, some of these dogs will end up as fighting dogs. It is really frustrating to see.

    The couple that rented the house next door for a while had a couple of Pit Bulls. One was chained in the back yard 24/7. The other was kept inside, because she was the breeding female, and they put out signs and tried to sell the puppies for something like $300 each.

    When they talked about the dogs, they acted like the dogs were beloved pets, but they sure didn’t seem to treat them that way.

    As for this case, I cannot fault the owner for having the dog put to sleep, rather than putting him through expensive surgery and rehabilitation. I don’t know the people; my parents’ dog managed to jump or dig out of a high fence on several occasions. One time a lady read the phone number from his tag and called my mom and told her that he had found his way into her laundry room. Mansfield was very afraid of thunder, and during a storm, instead of going into our garage (the door was open), he jumped the fence and ran off.

    So, was this owner negligent in letting his dog run the neighborhood, or did the dog just slip away a couple of times? Was the dog behaving aggressively (barking, growling) or did the officer just freak out because a Pit Bull was walking towards him? Did the owner say to put the dog down in order to avoid a lawsuit or because it was the cheapest option or did he make the decision because he felt it was best for the dog?

    A lot of people said we were crazy when we spent over a thousands dollars on one of our cats after he had a heart attack. He ended up dying of a second attack a few months later. Was it a waste of money? We had six months to tell him how much we loved him, but a lot of the time he was miserable — taking pills every couple of hours, feeling sick (he caught a respiratory infection at one of the vet’s offices within a couple of weeks of the attack, which only made things worse). Would he have been happier just to cross over the first time?

    This is a really sad situation, and unfortunately, the people who should take a lesson from it, probably won’t.

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