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PostHeaderIcon Review: Bliss Hammock Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

I love being outdoors whenever possible. The weather is not a big factor in that either. The boys and I have taken trail walks when it was in the 30’s. I am originally from a more rural area and it’s definitely something that I miss. We have a lot of great parks and trails around here but nothing like back home. There are no places to take a truck and run it through the mud, no places to just hang out on the back of a tailgate and shoot the breeze with your friends, basically, nothing secluded.

Bliss Hammock

One of my favorite things to do these days is hang out in a hammock and catch up on some reading. Now, since I live in an area where putting one up isn’t an option, my friend lets me use hers whenever I want. “Just stop on by and hop in!” she says. It’s really a good way to relax.

There are so many styles of hammocks that you can buy. Some are just simply, garbage. I was recently contacted by The Soothing Company, to review one of their products, and was pleased to see a hammock on their list! The Soothing Company is a website that offers hundreds of soothing products for your home or garden.  They even have a website, Soothing Walls, that offers a large selection of outdoor water fountains. Not much is more relaxing that chilling in a hammock while listening to water. So calming and beautiful.

The hammock that I chose is nice because it comes in it’s own carrying bag. It’s available in cool and exciting different colors as well. Who doesn’t want a nice and comfortable Saturday afternoon? Bliss Hammock’s Hammock in a Bag is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind. Enjoy outdoors with this durable and convenient hammock. Don’t worry if you don’t have any trees nearby, they also offer hammock stands too!

Some nice features about the Bliss Hammock is that it’s made of strong, breathable cotton/poly fabric 300g/sqm, there is absolutely no assembly needed, it is easy to hang with eye screws & hooks that are included, and it holds up to 220 lbs. The feature that I like is the thick rope loops that are reinforced with steel on the inside and it folds into included drawstring bag to a compact size of about 11″ x 6″! Perfect size to just throw in the truck and take anywhere.

If you are thinking about ordering, guess what? They accept PAYPAL! You can also save 10% on your order by entering the code OFF10 at checkout. Happy Shopping!

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  • Someday I’d love to have one of those wall fountains, the big ones? I’ve had inexpensive tabletop fountains before but the motor is louder than the water sound, I want something that sounds as much like the ocean as possible in fountain form.

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