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PostHeaderIcon Rude Dillard’s Employees and Poor Customer Service Keep Me Shopping at Kohl’s

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

dillardsMy sons are not the dress up type. They like their jeans and basketball shorts however, when their great-grandmother passed away, this week, they really wanted to be dressed up nicely. I went on the hunt for decently priced suit shirts and ties for them. The chances that they will wear them again, before they outgrow them, is pretty slim.

I headed over to Kohl’s, because it is one of my absolute favorite stores. I was able to get Spencer a tie/shirt combo pack for $18.00 on sale. I was happy that it was a clip on tie so I didn’t have to mess with it. Sadly, on our way to the funeral, the top button popped off and the tie wouldn’t stay clipped on. I ran to the closest store, which was Dillard’s. I bought him a tie that needs to be tied for $22.00. Honestly it was the cheapest one.

By the end of the day, roughly 5 hours, the tie was shredded. The stitching had come out the seam from the knot to almost the bottom of one half. We didn’t notice because it was on the back side and tucked into the loop. Oh man I was not happy but, I figured I will just return it. A nice department store like Dillard’s shouldn’t be a problem with a return.DillardsTie

Today I went to Kohl’s and returned the shirt with the popped button and broken tie. The woman at Customer service was very pleasant and even apologized for something like this happening right before a stressful event. She refunded my money and I was out the door in less than 5 minutes.

Next, we headed over to Dillard’s to return the tie. I stopped at the first register that I saw, thinking that you could return anything at any register. The woman in the dress department, Linda, laughed at the tie and sent us over to the kids department. “I don’t think they are going to refund THAT but you have to take it to kids.”

So, we stroll on over to the kids department. There is no one there. I walked over to the tie department to see if they had another black one, they didn’t. A women, I believe her name was Nassim, asks if we have been helped and I respond with a no. I removed the tie from the bag and explain the situation to her. She said well we can’t return it because it didn’t leave the store like that and I had washed it. I told her I hadn’t washed it. She proceeded to tell me that Linda from the dress department called her to tell her we were on our way. She also stated that we informed her that we had washed it. SAY WHAT?

I explained what happened again and not only did I not wash it but, I also didn’t tell Linda that I had. She states that she has to go talk to a manager and just walks away. About 2 minutes later she returns but not with a manager. She informs me that they can’t return it because it didn’t leave the store like that. I looked at her and tilted my head, like a confused dog. I told her of course it didn’t leave the store like that. Why on earth would I buy a ripped up tie?

She again told me that it couldn’t be returned because it didn’t leave the store like that. I just took the tie, put it back in the bag and proceeded to walk away. As I am walking away, she is yelling at me, once again, that the item can not be returned because it didn’t leave the store like that. As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough by that, she started telling customers, walking by her, that I was trying to return a damaged item. Of course, this makes all of the customers stare at me like I am some crazy lady leaving the store.

I can not express to you how utterly disgusted I am by the way I was treated. I have been going to the salon, at Dillard’s for almost 15 years now. All of the ladies in the salon are so wonderful, funny and VERY polite. Imagine how I felt after this experience? I will honestly never shop this store again. The employees that I encountered acted as if they were better than me. They were very unprofessional and blatantly rude.

As I am sitting here typing this, I am realizing that she never returned my receipt either. Urgh! A big thank you to Kohl’s for making my return process so pleasant. You continue to have my loyalty as a customer! I will gladly update the post if Dillard’s makes this right.

Store Location:
Franklin Park Mall
Toledo, OH


4 Responses to “Rude Dillard’s Employees and Poor Customer Service Keep Me Shopping at Kohl’s”

  • DeAnna Keller says:

    I live in Toledo, and recently had an AWFUL experience at Dillard’s, too. I will never go back there again! I went school clothes shopping today, and did it all at Kohls. Customer service was better, and ppl were so much nicer than at Dillard’s! Plus, the prices are alot better! I always feel like the workers at Dillard’s are watching ppl as if they’re thieves! I.d.k. maybe it was because I had my teen daughters with me? Either way. I guess i’ll be seeing you at Kohl’s too. ;)

  • Toni-Lynn says:

    As sad as I am to hear that this happened to someone else at this location, I’m glad it wasn’t just an isolated incident. It shows a pattern of behavior from these employees. See you at Kohl’s!

  • Ann B. says:

    I just came across this post…wow. I would have contacted the corporate division and explained this whole scenario. Obviously, they have no idea how to treat customers and the lady that you spoke with needs to find a new job.

  • Toni-Lynn says:

    I contacted corporate and social media. No one responded. Nice right?

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