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PostHeaderIcon Ways to save money when taking the kids to New York

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

New York City is a lot of things – Big Apple, the Capital of the World, the City That Never Sleeps to name a few – but cheap isn’t usually the first word that springs to mind. This famous city need not be that big a drain on your financial health, however, provided you travel right. This little guide will teach you the tricks to save cash on your New York family holiday, from flights to sightseeing tips to where to find good value eats.

Book flight tickets from the right place

There’s not a major airport in the world that doesn’t offer flights to New York, but that doesn’t mean you should hop aboard the first flight you find. Tickets are often cheaper from major urban centres than smaller cities. For example, you’ll likely find cheaper tickets between Miami-New York than Jacksonville-New York. It might be cheaper to travel to the nearest big city for a flight.

Also consider booking tickets at the right time – avoiding holidays and weekends. Instead, try to get tickets on weekday afternoons to save a bundle. This goes for the time that you book and the time that you fly as well.

Tour the museums

There’s nothing better for budget travel in New York City than spending some quality time in its many, many museums. Children will absolutely love the wonders housed within the American Museum of Natural History, Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. For a more “grown-up” museum experience, take them to MoMA to introduce your kids to the magic of modern art. Best of all, these museums are extremely cheap or even free (donations optional).

Visit the zoos

The city boasts some of the best zoos in New York state. The Central Park Wildlife Center and Children’s Zoo are a favorite among kids, particularly for the sea lion feedings. The Bronx Zoo is another popular destination and if you look for cheap deals and book ahead online, the only expense you’ll need to worry about on the day is candy and cold drinks!

Enjoy the food

New York is a gastronomic delight. As a cultural ‘melting pot’ of the world, it boasts cuisines from across the globe. From its famous Italian restaurants to street-side food trucks, there’s something to please every palate and price range. Try Brooklyn for low-cost burgers, and Queens or Chinatown for some steaming noodle bowls at cost prices. With the right venues, you can give your kids a taste of authentic New York style pizza, sample some soul-warming Mexican food, and top it off with some delicious cronuts.

New York has a reputation for being expensive, but if you select the right attractions and book your flight tickets at the right time, your NYC holiday won’t just be a lot of fun, but also very affordable.

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