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PostHeaderIcon Tackling Little Boys Dirty Laundry

Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

Boys.. messy little dirt playing, puddle jumping, sport playing angels.. Right? Who gets the honor of washing all of those clothes? Mom of course! Boys are just natural born stain magnets. Who needs a napkin when you have a clean shirt to wipe food, mess, and dirt on! Duh… It’s a never ending cycle of the boys coming home with some kind of stain on their clothes. Grass stains on their knees, dirt on white shirts… The best one was when my ex sent Spencer home with a lap covered in caramel from eating ice cream.

Chocolate, grass stains, ketchup, grease OH MY!! How do you get stains out of your clothes so you can keep your family looking their best? New Resolve All-Stains is a dual-action stain remover that rids clothes of stains that simply won’t go away. A trusted name in stain fighting for over 25 years, Resolve offers this new, unique formula that has two chambers – one that has a formula specifically for oxygen stains (dressings, sauces, condiments, coffee, juice, etc), and one for enzyme stains (greasy foods, grass, dirt and chocolate) – to help you tackle any stain you may encounter.  And because the formulas mix together during application, you don’t even need to know what the stain is, and sometimes, you don’t want to ask!  This new product is available now at WalMart and Target for less than $5, Resolve All-Stains will help you take the gamble out of stain fighting once and for all.

My Findings: I tackled some  that the boys came home with. Both boys, both knees and quite honestly some of the worse grass stains they have had. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find my before photo :( but as you can see from the after photo, it did not get it out entirely. Now it did get a lot of it out but to my disappointment there was still a lot left. The stains were also fresh.


1. To open, squeeze tabs and turn cap. To hold the bottle correctly, place thumb and index on indicated spots on the side of the bottle and point the two spouts side-by-side towards stain.
2. Squeeze both bottle chambers evenly to ensure both liquids release equally. Rub gently to mix formulas and cover the stain completely (*see specific directions for chocolate and blood to the left).
3. Wait 5 minutes maximum. NOTE: Leaving on garment for more than 5 minutes may cause color fading.
4. Rub effectively into stain. NOTE: Do not use the bottle nozzle to rub the stain, as this may cause cross-contamination of the two formulas.

5. Wash Immediately according to care label instructions.


check Treat stains while they are fresh.
check Chocolate-based stains: mix gently onto stain only. Do not rub.
check *Blood stains: First rinse with plenty of cold water, then try to apply only the white formula on stain.
check Always test garment for color fastness by applying to an Inconspicuous area.
x Do not use on ”dry clean only” garments.
x Not recommended for use on wool, khaki, fluorescent clothing or washable silk.
x Do not use on metal.

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