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PostHeaderIcon February isn’t special but YOU are….

You guessed it! It’s here again! That one fantabulous day of the year where people make complete asses out of themselves trying to show their love and affection to their significant others. Where showing how much you love someone is based on the presents one receives and the overinflated events planned in your honor. It seems to be the one holiday that is designed to poke at the wounds of the lonely, discriminate against the single, and pour salt into the gaping hole in ones chest where a heart used to be in the just dumped. Seriously though, forgive me for not buying into the whole overpriced, dead flowers, piles of sugar, slutty lingerie swing of things. I have to admit that I have had some pretty great Valentine’s Days involving some or all of the above but who on the face of the planet finds a gigantic pink gorilla that sings the Macarena romantic?! Come on, don’t lie… As I was meandering around the mall and mass retailers, I noticed a lot of grotesque imitations of this thing we call love.
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