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PostHeaderIcon Keep your toilet water IN your toilet

Cleaning the bathroom is second on my list of rooms I hate to clean. (Kitchen being first naturally!) With two boys that still can’t seem to get it in, it’s not a pretty task. Even though I clean it 3 times a week from top to bottom, the toilet never seems to “feel” clean to me. I guess it’s just that personal thought of all that goes in there. I use bleach on it but still, it’s a yucky toilet.

The plunger ranks right up there with the toilet brush. You use them and then place them in their happy little home dripping with bacteria. What if your plunger had a stand too, so that your floor didn’t get all wet. Who wants to put a wet plunger on the floor after you just scrubbed it?

Rubbermaid has come out with a product to stop the “Plunger Floor” in your bathroom. I would think that everyone would want one of these!

PostHeaderIcon Tips on Tackling Bathroom Mold

If there is one room in my home that I have become crazy with cleaning, it is the bathroom. I have two boys and if you are the Mom of little boys too, that statement should qualify as “nuff said”. Amazing how they can play a video game and get a bowling ball down a hole in the floor the size of a pea but they can’t manage to keep their stuff in the toilet. I’d like to hope that as they get older this will stop. Tell me it does!

You probably don’t want to admit it, or chances are you don’t even know it but, the ugly truth is 100% of homes have mold. This isn’t to say that you are an unclean person or that you don’t clean well enough. The simple fact is that while most cleaners can remove visible dirt, it doesn’t kill the Mold. This kind of grossed me out and made me evaluate the types of cleaners that I have been using. Want to know which one does do the job? The deep-cleaning Tilex® lineup is formulated to attack mold and mildew and cancel the mold show in your bathroom.
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