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PostHeaderIcon Protect Yourself while Christmas Shopping with #LifeLock

Seems like just yesterday we were shopping for back to school. Right after Halloween, stores are already beginning to put out Christmas stuff. It’s crazy! Whether you are an in-store shopper or an online shopper, you are at risk of identity theft. If you are like my best friend, you are sitting there thinking, “That wouldn’t happen to me. Who would want to steal my identity? I have nothing to steal!” Guess what? The day after Christmas last year, someone stole her identity. She didn’t know it for almost 2 months! You can not imagine the headache and hassles included with this. From dealing with banks, the police,  credit cards companies and so on. It took her almost 8 months to get it all cleaned up.

Before I started working with Lifelock, I wondered how people get their in formation stolen. For her, she was standing in line waiting to pay, holding her card and the person behind her wrote down her number. The only reason she knew this was because it was captured on the store security camera. One thing I always do it leave my cads behind my drivers license and my license is always backwards in my wallet. when you flip it open, everyone can see your information.

Christmas is supposed to be a fun and happy time of the year. No one wants to start the new year off fighting identity fraud. We always want the new year to be better than the last in one way or another. LifeLock is a great and affordable way to protect not only yourself, but your family as well, from identity fraud. When I say affordable, I am really not kidding, it starts at just $9 a month or $99 a year. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Give a VoiceQuilt Keepsake for Father’s Day

I wanted to let you know about a very unique  Father’s Day (or any other special occasion!) gift idea that I thought you would love! I know that it is just around the corner so check this out!

VoiceQuilt gives gifts that speak from the heart…literally!  VoiceQuilt is a uniquely personal gift – filled with your vivid, heart-touching greeting, memories and tribute. Record a toast to DAD or congratulations messages to a proud grad . Then, you can upload their favorite sentimental music. It will be a gift they cherish for a lifetime.

The sound of someone’s voice – their accent, tone and laughter – conveys much more than a photo, letter or a store-bought gift. VoiceQuilt™ is a wonderfully creative gift solution for an individual, groups or families, a unique way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, retirement, Mother’s Day, Christmas, graduations, Father’s Day, a wedding or just to reach out to someone special just because.

In addition, VoiceQuilt is a great way to share recipes, messages to troops overseas, sick children or anything else you can think of…there is no end to how you can use it! In times of celebration, VoiceQuilt makes memories last forever and when times are tough, VoiceQuilt becomes a personal cheering squad.

This Is A Unique Gift That Won’t Be Forgotten!

How VoiceQuilt Works…

FIRST…  Choose a toll-free phone package so that you can record your very own personal message, song and/or dedication. Or, if you like, you can have more than one person leave messages, toasts and tributes as well.

THEN…Record your own personal message, song , dedication…whatever you want to have in your keepsake for MOM or anyone else. It’s easy to upload a favorite song (or other audio) to your VoiceQuilt!

If you are doing this as a group, invite family and friends to phone in toasts, tributes and favorite memories. (VoiceQuilt’s email tools provide simple dialing instructions for callers plus draft invitation text that you can customize.)

Once you record your message and/or song, visit the VoiceQuilt Message Center to listen online. No special software is needed – just your web browser. Choose which messages/songs/audio clips to include in the VoiceQuilt playlist, give them descriptive labels, and arrange them in the order you like.


Select a keepsake that plays and preserves your VoiceQuilt. Or, enjoy your VoiceQuilt electronically. A VoiceQuilt Keepsake Box operates like a music box – messages play automatically when you open the lid. VoiceQuilt CDs can be played in the car or during your special celebration. In a rush? Just need voices? Share messages on Facebook or download a VoiceQuilt MP3. It’s the perfect sound track for photos and video.

PostHeaderIcon Make it a Sharpie and Rubbermaid Easter (Giveaway/US)

Easter is just around the corner and I am always looking for and unique, fun and creative ways to personalized gifts that I share with friends and family. Enter Rubbermaid and Sharpie! Simply make up a batch of your favorite Easter cookies, fudge or other goodies and “wrap” them in a Rubbermaid TakeAlong decorated with some Sharpie Markers!  Put some ribbon around the too. Depending on the holiday, don’t forget the bow!

Now this is not limited to any holiday of course. Christmas would be another great time to use this idea. This is a fantastic way to let your children be creative and be a part of the gift giving process. Plus, the TakeAlongs can be used again by the receiver so it is not another piece of clutter in their house or something being tossed. Consider this for for your child’s teacher. They really don’t need another coffee mug right?

GIVEAWAY: 15 piece set of TakeAlongs, a Sharpie Stainless Steel Marker, set of 8 Sharpie Retractable Markers and a set of 3 Sharpie Pen Retractables

RULES: Twitter entries must include a link to your Tweet. Tweets must be spaced no less than 60 mins apart. When blogging, giveaway must be listed in a NEW blog post for the day of your entry, not added to an old one.

Mandatory Entry: Visit Rubbermaid and tell me your favorite new product. Mine is the glass bowls! (1 entry)

Bonus Entries: A lot of additional ways to enter! Leave a separate comment for each one!

Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 years of age or older. I reserve the right to remove any entry from this giveaway. This giveaway is sponsored by Rubbermaid . This giveaway ends 04/25/2011 at 11:59pm EST.

Disclaimer: I was not paid any form of cash for this posting. I received the item(s) mentioned above to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are my own and all media information was provided by the representing PR firm. Read more about Delightful Chaos’ Disclosure Policy.

PostHeaderIcon What do you mean my boys can’t have a tree?

In order for you to fully understand where this post came from, I have to tell you a brief story about my current situation.

As many of you know I am in the middle of a  divorce. One of the problems I am having at the moment is being able to collect my things from the house for almost a year now. With that being said, naturally, all of my Christmas decorations including my tree, stockings, etc are there. My mom bought us a tree and we only used it last year so it’s brand new. I refused to go out and purchase a new one because to be honest, those things are not cheap and I have a new one so what’s the point? I am also not a real tree person and for just me, it would have been a  real pain! I was feeling pretty down about the boys not having a tree and well, that was unacceptable to me.

A few months back I did a review for a company for a giant tree wall decal. I was sitting on the couch one night staring at this tree. I started wondering what I could do with it. Why couldn’t I just light it up?! It was a tree after all. Then the problem came of how do get it up without ruining the wall. Command Brand to the rescue! I contacted them and explained what my idea was and if they thought they could help. THEY HELPED!

First let me list the products that I used for this project….

  • 2 Stands of white lights
  • Thin Garland
  • Fake Snow
  • Candy Canes
  • Varies FLAT Christmas Ornaments
  • Small card board box
  • Command Decorating Clips
  • Command Small Wire Hooks
  • Command Large Picture Hanging Strips

This project as a whole was really very simple. We used the Command Decorating Clips to put the lights up how we wanted them. We really had no pattern to this. It was pretty much however the lights looked like they wold fit best. We loosely wrapped the garland around the lights and put it up at the same time. We used the Large Picture Hanging Strips to stick some felt and boxes to the wall. The red felt was a cheap $5 tree skirt that I picked up at Target and cut in half. We added some dollar store flat ornaments and it was a tree!

We also bought some fake snow and through it all over the tree and on the “tree skirt”. You can’t see it very good in the picture on the tree but it shows nicely at the base. Because I had the thermostat on the right, we cut a cardboard box in half, put 4  of the Large Picture Hanging Strips on the back and stuck it over top of the thermostat. We used 3 of the Small Wire Hooks to hang the stockings like a makeshift mantle. We wrapped up some empty boxes for affect and VOILA! A Christmas Tree! When the boys came home they were SO EXCITED! I am certain they will remember this in 20 years over a stinky boxed tree ;)


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