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PostHeaderIcon Do you think outside the box when making sandwiches?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Boars Head Lunchmeat - DelightfulChaos.com

I am a “sammich” lover by nature. I can eat everything from egg salad to tuna fish to PB&J. Coming from an Italian background, lunchtime at Nana’s was always the best. She would always have, a minimum of, 10 different kinds of meats and cheeses in her refrigerator. Making a sammie was an art form in our homes. There was no way you could eat more than one of these bad boys. That is, if you knew how to make one properly. Because of this, I tend to stick to what I know where cold cuts are involved. I don’t really crawl out of my food box too often because I am a very picky eater. I have become much better in the past few years but, I still revert back from time to time.

Yesterday I went to Kroger and picked up some cold cuts. Normally my order would consist of oven roasted turkey, Virginia ham and provolone. Pretty straight forward and pretty boring. I noticed that they had Boar’s Head on sale. Now I love this brand but it is not something I would usually buy because honestly, it’s just too expensive. Cold Cuts do not last long in my home so while I want quality, I also look for a deal. Anyway, featured on their board was…. are you ready? Rosemary ham and jerk turkey.. say whaaaa?

I had to try them. I got a pound of each and couldn’t wait to get home to make myself a sammich. Why am I telling you about this? Because I was paid? Nope. Because someone asked me to? Nope. I am telling you because this was some of the best cold cuts I have tasted in awhile. They are also Gluten Free if you lead a GF lifestyle! Let’s see what you think! read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Packing Lunches with Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods

I know a lot of people who only eat gluten free products. My friends have children who are autistic and only eat gluten free, another eats it for reasons revolving around working out and many other reasons. Either because they have to or because they choose to.

School is back in session and coming up with gluten-free lunch ideas that won’t bore your children can sometimes be a challenge. Let Udi’s make it easier (and more fun of course) with their selection of gourmet snacks and goodies that last will last in your child’s bookbag and locker through all those morning activities and right on into lunchtime.

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PostHeaderIcon Udis Gluten Free Fall Favorites

Udi's Gluten Free Cookies Review - DelightfulChaos.comI recently learned that my brother’s girlfriend only eats gluten free foods. I really didn’t know the selection of products that were available on the market! I am the stereotypical person who thinks anything that says “Fat Free, Low Cal, Sugar Free etc” must taste horrible. The only difference is that I will give it a try. My Mom won’t even touch these types of products. Maybe that’s an old school thing, I don’t really know. Maybe she is just a stubborn Italian set in her ways too.
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PostHeaderIcon Free Cookbook: Easy Gluten-Free Recipes

Get a Free Cookbook! 42 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes, featuring over 55 pages of spectacular gluten-free recipes.

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