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PostHeaderIcon GoGo squeeZ……Applesauce To Go

“GoGo” is really an idea and a way of looking at the world. People tend to over complicate things when the truth is a simple fact right in front of them. “GoGo” is the simple unstructured and active play that is pure goodness for kids (and the kid in all of us). “GoGo” is about having the imagination to create delight in any situation.

At GoGo squeeZ, their mission is to make it easier for kids & families to be a little healthier and happier. They work in the magical space where kids are happy and parents are affirmed. GoGo kids ask for healthier snacks and love to play outside. GoGo moms get to say YES! more often. Our purpose is to spread more “GoGo” love. They invite you to join them. They invite you to play. The more the merrier.

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