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PostHeaderIcon Holiday Hair Wishes Come True With Hair Products From Folica

One of the major issues I have is my lovely, naturally curly, full hair. I remember I used to spend up to 2 hours straightening it. No way that would happen these days. Who has time for that? I have gone through so many flat irons over the years. I find that my most common problem is the plastic that holds the plates on usually breaks or they just don’t do the job anymore. Maybe it’s because I just buy the cheapest one I can find?
In August, while at BlogHer 12′, I realized that I forgot my flat iron. OH NO! Many of you understand that not having this it the same as most hot having their cell phones. I broke down and went to the store. They had ONE! I almost fell over when I saw it was $50. Now this probably isn’t an insane price but I have always stayed under $25. This is the nicest one I have owned thus far. You really DO get what you pay for! I hope to some day own one of those $250 ones. Maybe one like this one?

Dear Santa, I would really love a ridiculously priced flat iron that I would never purchase on my own because I can’t justify paying the price but I really want my hair to look good like all the super models and celebrities *takes a deep breath* because beautiful hair is such an important part of your look. Thank You, Toni-Lynn
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