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PostHeaderIcon Review: Bliss Hammock Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag

I love being outdoors whenever possible. The weather is not a big factor in that either. The boys and I have taken trail walks when it was in the 30’s. I am originally from a more rural area and it’s definitely something that I miss. We have a lot of great parks and trails around here but nothing like back home. There are no places to take a truck and run it through the mud, no places to just hang out on the back of a tailgate and shoot the breeze with your friends, basically, nothing secluded.

Bliss Hammock

One of my favorite things to do these days is hang out in a hammock and catch up on some reading. Now, since I live in an area where putting one up isn’t an option, my friend lets me use hers whenever I want. “Just stop on by and hop in!” she says. It’s really a good way to relax. read the rest of this entry »

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