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PostHeaderIcon Tribes-A-Dozen Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes #Giveaway


To be honest, I love bread. There is just nothing like warm bread out of the oven with a little butter or spread, yum! Since I am also Italian, you know there can’t be pasta without bread! The boys seem to be bread addicts too. I really can’t imagine where they get that from.

Many moons ago, I bought a bread maker. I was in my 20’s and thought, why not, I can do that. Flash forward, over 10 years later, and I now make all my bread in the oven. Sure, it’s not nearly as easy as dumping everything into a machine but the end result and accomplishment is so much better.

Now I know not everyone has the time to bake bread from scratch, so, let me introduce you to Tribes-A-Dozen. They manufacturer a unique kosher line of three Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes — Simply Spelt, Traditional, and Wholey Wheat. Their wholesome, all natural bread mixes bring you back to a kitchen from long ago. Recreating the warmth, the heavenly aroma, and the unmistakable taste. They keep it simple so you can bake these traditional breads to share fresh with friends and loved ones, and make every meal special. Hallah made easy, no one will guess it came from a mix because it tastes just like it was made from scratch. “Break Bread, Not Tradition”

Hallah Bread

Source: @tribesadozen

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