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PostHeaderIcon Share your Belly Bundle of Joy and enter to #win #PalmersBelly

For mommies-to-be, no time is more special than your pregnancy and when you’re patiently waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive. That’s why Palmer’s, the trusted and beloved brand, wants to make your pregnancy journey even more memorable! Get the camera ready, show off your baby bump and capture your incredible journey for a chance to win a Palmer’s® pregnancy pamper pack.

PostHeaderIcon If Mom Had Three Arms and Three Minutes

Moms are the mavens of multi-tasking—whether it’s combining phone time with breastfeeding or taking down germs in the nursery by disinfecting hot spots with their free hand. But they still love getting advice from other moms who have been there before. Together with Karen Kaufman Orloff, author of the children’s book, If Mom Had Three Arms, Clorox is creating a fun and practical e-book called If Mom Had Three Minutes with tips for new moms on how to accomplish in three minutes what others can’t accomplish in 30!

So if you’ve concocted a quickie mud mask recipe or found a clever way to combine yoga and laundry, share your secret with us. Not only will you get a 50¢ coupon good for select Clorox products, your tip will serve as inspiration for Karen as she writes the e-book!

Clorox wants to hear from new moms and veteran moms alike about the time-saving secrets of motherhood, which will serve as inspiration for the book. Your readers can visit the Clorox Facebook Page and check out the If Mom Had Three Minutes tab to:  Share their time-saving tips for new moms; Learn how other moms conquer time scarcity; and receive a 50 cent coupon for Clorox products just for sharing their advice or stories!  Your tips could also be incorporated into the official e-book when it is released in May 2012.

What would you do with 3 minutes and 3 arms? Usually when my son is taking a bath, I sit on the floor next to him. Sometimes it gets a little boring so I use it as an opportunity to clean up the bathroom. This is one of the household tasks that I really hate to do. He makes it fun for me because he will sort of “guide” me around what I should do next. He counts to see if I can finish a certain task before he gets to 10 or 20. Every task is more fun with a 4 year old cheering you on and laughing when you (intentionally) fail. :)

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PostHeaderIcon More Genius Product Marketing?

I am sure many of you remember the huge controversy that Motrin made a few years ago about “baby carrying moms”. I feel constantly reminded of it by future genius advertising. Today, I was not let down once again.

While meandering about Facebook this afternoon, I see a video on a friends wall. Her status said “Here is the video that baffles me”. I didn’t even have to click play and knew what she was talking about from the image it showed. What do you think?

As I scroll through my feed, I see her update on why she was so baffled. If you watched the video, Ester C is catering to the 24/7 mom. They keep asking “Are you a 24/7 Mom?” As my friend said, “Aren’t ALL moms 24/7 moms? I didn’t know I could be a mom when I feel like it…how freakin stupid is that concept & who’s the puts who thought of that advertisement?”

I must have read this about 20 times and watched the video about 10 times thinking, are they serious? Are all moms suddenly going to feel that Ester  C GETS THEM? Maybe sit and have some realization, “Oh my, I AM a 24/7 mom!” Come on people seriously?

I am not usually the type that makes a big deal out of things like this (Such as why I couldn’t sit through Toy Story without sex topics being slipped in) but maybe I am getting crankier in my old age. (A whopping 33 soon!) I don’t know what people are thinking when they make things these days. Wait, that is just it, they clearly are NOT thinking. Does this stuff bother anyone else? I am sure I am not alone! Oh and Ester C? While your 24 days of house cleaning is tempting, I will not be entering your contest. I am a 365/24/7 Mom, sorry!

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