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PostHeaderIcon Daily Healthy Habits That Make A Big Difference

Daily Healthy HabitsDo you want to learn a few simple steps to a healthy you? Am I a doctor? NO… Am I a health expert? NO… Am I a working mother with children that found many things that work for her? ABSOLUTELY! I wanted to share with you a few changes that I have made in the past 6 months. They have made big changes happen for me and I am extremely happy that I decided to take this road. I want to be a healthy Mom. I want to have healthy children. I want to be healthy enough to run around with them. Am I where I want to be yet? NO…. but, I am not where I was either! read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon March is National Nutrition Month

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month?

What better way to celebrate than to learn about some fantastic resources that can help you and your family incorporate more fresh and delicious produce into your daily diet while simultaneously expanding your family’s nutrition know-how?

Produce for Kids helps demonstrate the benefits of consuming fresh produce by providing healthful meal solutions, videos, podcasts and much, much more. Their Ideal Meals section is perfect to get quick easy and healthy meals for your family.

The site even hosts an advisory board made up of parents with a wide range of expertise who can provide additional tools and resources on how you can easily incorporate fruits and veggies into your family’s daily routine.

Smash Your Food, brought to you by the great people at Food N’ Me, is a fantastic way to teach kids about healthy, nutritious foods in a visually stimulating and exciting way while making an ooey, gooey mess…virtually of course!

Kids squash burgers, cola, French Fries and more – including “Crazy Foods” for an even messier experience (eeeewwww!) — and in the process, find out how much sugar, salt and oil is just enough to help them stay healthy. Smash Your Food uses HD video and real sound effects – squish, glop, fizz, pop! — to keep kids laughing while learning.

“Eat what you wish, but you are what you squish!”

It was also one of the top winners in the Apps for Healthy Kids contest, part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign designed to target childhood obesity and encourage better nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Smash Your Food will be launching an iPad app March 20th!

For now, you can check out the web version here: http://www.foodnme.com/smash-your-food

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PostHeaderIcon McDonalds Seeks Mom/Child Teams to create new Happy Meals

Just in time to catch up with my complaining about McDonald’s, they go and change the Happy Meals. On the rare occasion that I actually take the boys there, they get apples with no caramel sauce and white milk. No Fries, No soda etc. I figure if we have to stop there, I might as well try to make it a LITTLE healthier for them. Have you ever tasted that caramel sauce for the apples? YUCK! Thankfully the boys think it’s disgusting too.

What’s new about the Happy Meal? The new Happy Meal automatically includes Apple Slices (¼ cup or ½ serving) as a side to the choice of a Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets,® and choice of beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk. In addition to Apple Slices, the meal also automatically comes with new smaller size French fries. For customers who prefer apples only, an additional bag of Apple Slices is available to replace the fries.

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