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PostHeaderIcon The Type 1 Diabetes news that changed our lives forever #T1D

I wanted to share with you why my postings have been well, few and far between the last few months. We were thrown a fast curveball with my step-son and it has been very consuming. Now, while Patrick and I are not married, and have no intentions of ever being so, (we have both been there and done that), his kids are still my step-children. I live with them, care for them and love them as if they were my own, as all step-parents should. I am very grateful that our blended family works wonderfully. We both get along with his ex-wife, Janet, and this is something that is very important when dealing with any life changing events.

Type 1 Diabetes Looks Like Me

Alex was always a smiling and laughing child. He is one of those children that can make just about anything funny. He has so much to say and wants everyone to know his thoughts. His energy is so contagious and hard not to dive into it head first. He can bring a smile to your face regardless of what your current mood its.

On March 14th, 2016, our lives were changed forever. Alex, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 9 years old. Just like any other “bad news” a doctor gives you, we were completely freaking out. He is with us every other week during school and every 2 weeks in the summer. Since I am the primary care giver during this time, my mind started doing flips. How am I going to take care of him? What if I mess something up? How am I going to revamp the entire way that I cook? How expensive is his new diet going to be? The questions and worries were so overwhelming. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

What Super Power would you have? - DelightfulChaos.com

Do you ever wish that you had a few more hands to pick up toys? How would you like the ability to fly so you could get places faster? I think every parent wishes that and I think us single parents wish it twice as much. It’s endless days and sometimes endless nights of one thing after another.

My friends son, who is 5, asked me today, “Miss Toni? If you were a Superhero, what would your special power be?” OH BOY! Really? Now be honest Moms, you know you have sat down and thought about this one at least a dozen times. It is such a hard thing to decide upon. I would want my powers to change depending on what was going on that day. What.. am I asking for too much? It is my fantasy after all isn’t it?

I really think I would want a Mary Poppins type super power. It worked out that he actually new who Mary Poppins was so I didn’t have to explain. My trust bag would make traveling much lighter, the finger snapping would always keep everything perfectly tidy at home, and hell, who doesn’t want to fly?

What would your super power be?

Disclosure: N/A I wrote it because I wanted to.

PostHeaderIcon Wordless Wednesday: Sunscreen 101

Yes, I know… It is supposed to be wordless… This is what happens when parents can’t take just a few moments to put sunscreen on their children. My poor son came home last night from visitation with the other parental unit and this is what he looked like.  My poor baby was in so much pain and appeared dehydrated. He just laid on the couch in front of the fan with a bottle of water in his hand. I put some aloe on him and that was all I could do before sending him back for the remainder of his visitation :( I am so proud to be a Coppertone Water Mom and I ALWAYS put sunscreen on my boys. Sometimes so much it annoys them. To that I say to bad, better to annoy them then give them skin cancer! I don’t really know what some parents are thinking. My boyfriend’s son also had sunburn on his face so bad that it was blistering. :(


Disclosure: This is a personal post because I just felt like doing one. Not because I was asked or paid to. That is still allowed right?

PostHeaderIcon How tough are Dad’s really?

One of my dear friends had a baby about a week ago. Her oldest is almost 13 so it has been quite some time since there was a baby in the house. I love watching her Facebook feed go by to see what has been happening. Some of the things she posts are so funny to me, of course it is because it’s not me and I remember those times! It has been many years since there was a baby in my home. (but who knows, I am still young enough!) This morning, I saw this one on her wall::

I couldn’t really do anything except laugh. It always seems to work out like that doesn’t it? After reading this I remembered a funny memory about when my oldest son was born. His father was so proud and wanted to change the very first diaper. Hey great, have at it, one less I have to change. (After 30 hours of labor, I wasn’t at all unhappy to just rest.) I wonder how many of you are laughing right now because you remember what that diaper was like. If you haven’t had the pleasure of this encounter, consider yourself blessed… In short, it is pretty much like tar. Kind of nasty huh? After about 8 wipes later, watery eyes and red face from the smell, he handed the duties over to me. Kudos to him for trying but clearly it was a job for Super Mom.


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