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PostHeaderIcon Rude Dillard’s Employees and Poor Customer Service Keep Me Shopping at Kohl’s

dillardsMy sons are not the dress up type. They like their jeans and basketball shorts however, when their great-grandmother passed away, this week, they really wanted to be dressed up nicely. I went on the hunt for decently priced suit shirts and ties for them. The chances that they will wear them again, before they outgrow them, is pretty slim.

I headed over to Kohl’s, because it is one of my absolute favorite stores. I was able to get Spencer a tie/shirt combo pack for $18.00 on sale. I was happy that it was a clip on tie so I didn’t have to mess with it. Sadly, on our way to the funeral, the top button popped off and the tie wouldn’t stay clipped on. I ran to the closest store, which was Dillard’s. I bought him a tie that needs to be tied for $22.00. Honestly it was the cheapest one. read the rest of this entry »

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