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PostHeaderIcon Dear PR, So….you think Google PageRank is important?

My dear friend Mark Murnahan is an absolute SEO genius. Yes, I am sure he is going to totally give me hell for saying that, but, it’s true! There are many “SEO Experts” out there… Wait, let me rephrase, many who claim to be, but Mark truly is one. I have known this guy about 2 years now and he has definitely made for a lot of fun and educational phone conversations and group webchats. The thing about Mark is that he tells it like it is and this is one of the reasons I think we get along so well and what makes him at the top of the business.

Today I came across one of his tweets that got my attention. It was about Google PageRank. If you are a fellow blogger, you know that PR seems to think that this is one of the huge things to consider you for a campaign or work opportunity. Don’t have a good PageRank? They are sure to pass you over….right? Why is this one of the numbers that is so important to them? I challenge you to read Mark’s article, Google PageRank Changes and Fools Still Listen, and see if you still think Google PageRank is so important…

PostHeaderIcon Companies/Brands/Restaurants on Twitter (Updated 5/03/11)

twitter-10It took me a long time to gather this list, if you are going to re-post it, at least be so kind as to link back to where you got it from. Thanks

There are many big name companies on Twitter. Some are not easy to find so here is a list I put together of all the ones I have found so far. If you know of anymore and are certain that they are the actual company, please leave a comment and I will add them.

If you love this list, check out this HUGE list of Celebrities on Twitter! Be sure to follow me as well if your not. I do follow back @DelightfulToni if you are a legitimate account.

To see any of these pages simply type Twitter.com and the user name in your address bar. Example: Twitter.com/DelightfulToni

Alouette Cheese – @Alouettecheese
Bakers Edge – @Bakers_Edge
Baskin Robbins – @BaskinRobbins
Ben & Jerry’s – @cherrygarcia
Best Buy – @BestBuyCMO
Betty Crocker – @BettyCrocker
Bigelow Tea – @bigelowtea
BiLo Supermarket – @BILOSuperSaver
Blockbuster Express – @blockbusterexp
Blue Bunny – @Blue_Bunny
Bob Evans – @BobEvansFarms
Borden -@elsieborden
Build-A- Bear – @buildabear
Chavrie – @chavrie
Cheerios – @CheeriosBrand
Chili’s Grill & Bar – @Chilis
Chiquita Smoothie – @FruitFun
Church’s Chicken – @ChurchsChicken
Clorox – @Clorox
Coffee-Mate – @Coffee_Mate
Community Market – @CommunityMarket
Crocs – @Crocs
Country Bob, Inc – @CountryBobs
Cuisinart – @MyCuisinart
DiGiorno Pizza – @DigiornoPizza
Domino Sugar – @DominoSugar
Dominos – @dominos
Doritos – @DoritosUSA
Dove – @Dove
Dove Chocolate – @Dove_Chocolate
Dremel – @DremelBrand
Dunkin Donuts -@DunkinDonuts
Eggland’s Best – @EgglandsBest
Eli’s Cheesecake – @ElisCheesecake
Entenmanns – @Entenmanns
Expedia  – @Expedia
Expo Markers – @ExpoMarkers
Express – @ExpressLisaG
Fast Fixin – @FastFixin
Firehouse Subs – @Firehouse_Subs
Friendly’s – @EatAtFriendlys
Frischs Big Boy (Toledo) – @FrischsNWO
Frito-Lay – @FritoLay
Game Stop – @GameStopCorp
Gatorade – @Gatorade_Fanz
Ghirardelli – @GhirardelliSQ
Gillette – @Gillette
Hanes – @HanesComfort
Hasbro – @HasbroNews
Hewlett Packard – @HPCheer
Home Depot – @HomeDepot
Hoover – @HooverClean
Hostess Snacks – @Hostess_Snacks
Johnny Rockets – @Johhny_Rockets
Klondike – @The_KlondikeBar
Kodak – @JeffreyHayzlett
Kodak’s Graphics- @kodakidigprint
Kolcraft – @@Kolcraft
Kmart – @KmartDealsnNews
Kroger – @KrogerDeals
Leap Frog – @LeapFrog
LeapFrog Interactive – @LFI
Libby’s – @LibbysTable
Little Debbie – @LittleDebbie
Little Remedies – @LittleRemedies
Little Tikes – @LittleTikes
Mabels Labels – @Mabelhood
Mambo Sprout’s – @MamboSprouts
Marco’s Pizza – @MarcosPizzaCorp
Meijer – @Meijer
Michael Angelos – @Michael_Angelos
Mountain Dew – @mtn_dew
MythBusters – @MythBusters
Nature Valley – @Nature_Valley
Nerf – @NerfNation
Nestle – @NestleCSV
Newsweek – @Newsweek
Old Navy – @OldNavyOfficial
Pet Smart – @PetSmartTLC
Petco – @NatalieatPETCO
Pepperidge Farm @PepperidgeFarm
Philadelphia Cream Cheese – @LoveMyPhilly
Pizza Hut – @pizzahut
Plum Organics – @PlumOrganics
Popsicle – @Popsicle
Popeyes Chicken – @PopeyesChicken
Pull-Ups – @PullUpsBigKid
Purex – @Purex
Quaker – @QuakerTalk
Quiznos Subs – @QuiznosToaster
Ragú – @RaguSauce
Revolution Foods – @RevolutionFoods
Ro*tel – @Ro_tel
Rubbermaid – @Rubbermaid, @RubbermaidTwo, @RubbermaidErin
Sabra Hummus – @Sabra
Safeway – @Safeway
Scott – @ScottTips
Seventh Generation – @SeventhGen
Sharpie – @SharpieSusan
Shell Gas – @ShellDotCom
Simple Green – @simplegreennews
Skinny Cow – @TheSkinnyCow
Smarties – @SmartiesTweets
Snapple – @Snapple
SoftSoap – @LatherUp
Sports Authority – @SportsAuthority
Sprout – @SproutTV
Staples – @StaplesTweets
Starbucks – @Starbucks
Subway – @subwayfreshbuzz
Success Rice – @Success_Rice
Sun and Earth – @SunandEarth
Sun Chips (FritoLay) – @SunChips
Sun & Earth – @SunandEarth
Sunkist – @Sunkist
Swanson – @SwansonChicken
Tastykakes – @TastyBakingCo
Ticket Master – @Ticketmaster
Toys R Us – @toysrus
Turkey Hill Dairy – @TurkeyHillDairy
Tyson Foods – @TysonFoods
Uniball – @UniBall_USA
Uno’s Bar & Grill – @UnoChicagoGrill
ValPack – @Valpakcoupons
Weber Grills – @WeberGrills
Welch’s – @Welchs
Whole Foods – @wholefoods
Zone Perfect – @ZonePerfect

Also see Whole Foods by location!

  • Columbus, OH – @WFM_Columbus
  • Louisville, KY – @WFM_louisville
  • Mason, OH – @WFM_Mason
  • Redmond, WA – @RedmondWFM
  • Redondo Beach, CA – @WFMRedondoBeach
  • Houston, TX – @WholeFoodsHOU

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