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PostHeaderIcon Produce For Kids – Get Healthy, Give Hope

We all buy produce for your kids. I know I do for sure. We go through so many apples and bananas, I am thinking of buying a few trees ;) For MANY years, the boys have always been told, “Fruit is Free” and they may eat it as they wish. Now of course I wouldn’t let them eat a pile of apples in a day. Every parent knows that would be a mess! But they have grown to love things like cantaloupe and watermelon as well. With all the fruits and vegetables that we buy, we can now help others by doing what we do every week.

Produce for Kids has just launched its annual Get Healthy, Give Hope campaign with major supermarket chains across the country. One in my local area is Meijer! They are helping to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

How can you get involved? Now through June 22nd, the more produce Meijer shoppers add to their shopping lists, the more hope they can give to local children. All participating fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers at Meijer stores will make a consumption-based donation to local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

You can find more details about this by visiting the Produce for Kids in-store display at your local store. It features easy-to-prepare recipes, helpful materials with additional information on the campaign. You can also find links to visit more than 90 easy Ideal Meals® recipes online! The display also features characters from the popular Sprout health-focused children’s series “LazyTown” and “The Chica Show,” along with tips on healthy eating for kids. We love LazyTown! I wish I could pull off Stephanie’s pink hair as well as she does :)

Looking for some great summer recipes? Below are some fantastic delicious and nutritious Produce For Kids recipes that will help you and your family stay cool as the weather heats up! The banana fro-yo is on my list of things to try this summer! read the rest of this entry »

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