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PostHeaderIcon Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler + Giveaway

I used to live in Pennsylvania in an area where the cost of garbage pick-up was an outrageous price. Most people in the Poconos burn their garbage instead of paying for the pick-up. This means a lot of jar and can washing because you obviously can’t burn that stuff. I remember when I first moved to Ohio, I had finished up the mayonnaise and I started to rinse the jar out. Complete habit! I was asked what was I doing? As stupid as this may sound, the moment I remembered that I could just throw it in the trash, I was so excited. Not because I didn’t want to recycle but because it was almost like a novelty to throw it away lol

It seems like more and more people are getting involved in recycling these days. Royal even tries to get into it a little bit but he isn’t consistent. I live in a small apartment for now so I really don’t have the space for a bunch of bins. The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler is an easy solution to that problem. It attaches to the inside of a cabinet door to collect recyclables out of sight and keeps your counters clear. The bag is durable, machine washable, and made of recycled material. Once your bag is full, you just have to easily lift the bag from the lid and cabinet by the handle to take them out to your recycle bin. The Hidden Recycler is currently available for purchase online at Rubbermaid.com and in store at Meijer. Here are a few details about the Hidden Recycler.

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PostHeaderIcon Info: What to Recycle and Where in Lucas County, Ohio


E-Waste Recycling Program for Lucas County Residents

Residents can contact any of the listed organizations to find information on how to recycle miscellaneous electronic items.

AccuShred Pricing
AccuShred Website
Affinity Information Management
Best Buy Stores
Computer Discount Stores (computers only)
Computer Renaissance
Goodwill Stores (computers only)
Niche Precious Metal Recovery, LLC
Stone Computer (computers and accessories only)

Household Hazardous Waste

For Recycling of Household Hazardous Waste, Please contact

Heritage Environmental Services at 419-729-1321
Price List for Recycling Hazardous Waste OR Environmental Recycling at 800-284-9107 or 419-354-6110.
Environmental Recycling’s Price List

Residential Recycling Drop-Off Information

The District offers many local drop-off sites for recycling of paper, carboard, bottles, cans, tin, etc.  For more information, please see our Drop-off flyer. Map to Local Residential Recycling Drop-Off’s. Find a location on a map

Tire Recycling

Tires can be disposed of at any tire company for a nominal fee.


Toledo Topsoil & Mulch, LLC 5315 Stickney Ave., Toledo, OH  43612
Phone:  419-729-7280
Dates of Operation:  March – November
Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm


Clean Wood Recycling

6505 West Bancroft Toledo, OH  43615

5330 Stickney Ave Toledo, OH  43612

6730 Anthony Wayne Trail Waterville, OH  43566 419-843-9663

Dates of Operation:  April – November
Website: www.cleanwoodrecycling.net

Ohio Compost – 10839 Sager Road (Rt. 20A) – South Side of Toledo Express Airport.
Dates of Operation:  March 15th* – November 30th        *Weather Permitting

Recycle Waste Services – 3793 Silica Road, Sylvania 419-517-1323
Charges are as follows:

Christmas Trees: $7.00
Car Load: $20.00
Small Pick-Up: $35.00
Trailer Load: $50.00
2 Cubic Yard Truck: $65.00
5 Cubic Yard Truck: $110.00

Vienna Junction Landfill - 6196 Hagman Road, Toledo, OH 43612 419-726-9465
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm Saturday 7:00am-10:00am
Acceptable Materials: grass clippings, leaves and garden waste only.
Material must be loose (bulk) or in paper bags. No plastic bags or containers allowed.
Minimum charge $30-pickup or car. All other delivery vehicles $30/ton.
Call for disposal pricing on wood waste and stumps.

Lucas County Recycling Drop-Off Sites


• Newspapers
• Ad Inserts
• Junk Mail
• Office Paper
• Magazines
• Catalogs
• Phone Books
*NO plastic bags or tied bundles.

• Corrugated
• Cereal Board
• Shoe Boxes

*NO packing material
*NO linings
*NO waxed cartons
*NO food soiled cartons


• Aluminum beverage cans
• Steel, tin, bimetal, food cans
• Foil wrap & containers
• Clear, green & brown bottles and jars
•Plastic bottles for liquidssuch as milk, soda,
detergent, water

Kroger Stores
4925 Jackman Rd.
4533 Monroe St.
4633 Suder Ave.
1414 Spring Meadows Dr
7545 Sylvania Ave at King Rd.
8730 Waterville – Swanton Rd

Townships & Villages
Harbor View 4421 Bayshore Rd

Jerusalem Township Hall 9501 Jerusalem Rd

Monclova Township Hall Albon at Monclova Rd

Providence Township Hall 13257 Perry Rd

Richfield Township Hall 3951 Washburn Rd

Spencer Township Hall 630 N. Meilke Rd

Springfield Township Fire Station #2 1534 Crissey Rd

Springfield Township Fire Station #3 7145 Garden Rd

Springfield Township Hall 7617 Angola Rd

Swanton Township P. Conway Dr (off Airport Hwy)

Village of Whitehouse 11295 Waterville St

Metroparks & Other Locations
Arrowhead Fire Station Dussell Rd

Lucas County Recreation Center 2901 Key St
Pearson Metropark Starr Ave. Entrance
Secor Metropark 10000 W Central Ave

Computer / Electronic Waste Program

E-Waste Recycling Program for Lucas County Residents

Residents can contact any of the listed organizations to find information on how to recycle miscellaneous electronic items.

AccuShred Website
All Shred
Best Buy Stores
Computer Discount Stores (computers only)
Computer Renaissance
Niche Precious Metal Recovery, LLC
Recycle I.T. USA
Virtual PC’s (computers and accessories only)



City Of Maumee http://www.maumee.org/residential_services/docs/2018%20Recycler’s%20List.pdf

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