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The one thing that makes me more interested in a brand is interaction. For some reason, it really bugs me to be on Twitter and see brands who don’t follow consumers back, who’s accounts are all auto feeds or they just post links.

One day on Twitter, I received a tweet from JoeShopping. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was but I remember it made me laugh. I started to interact with the account and learned that the tweets were from a guy named Andrew, (and sometimes Adam). He is a very nice and funny guy. (Andrew you still owe me a buttered roll!)

I have been meaning to write this post and was reminded today when I saw their tweet about their blogging contest. Now you are probably wondering what the heck is Joe Shopping? Well, why don’t we let them tell you? “JoeShopping.com is a price comparison site where you can compare prices on millions of products from hundreds of stores to find the lowest price. You can also use coupons, sales and the best deals to make sure you’re getting the best price when you do your online shopping. With shopping blogs, product reviews and a very active social shopping community, JoeShopping.com is truly the place, “Where you never shop alone.””

I signed up (Totally free) for the website and started poking around. It is a cool website that I would suggest having a look at if you are looking for a place to find the best deal.

I am off to collect my roll now :)

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to write this post.

PostHeaderIcon Sunday Coupons for 2/27/11

KRAFT – $1/2 Polly-O string or twists (3/31)
LYSOL – $1/1 Clean-Flip starter kit or floor cloths (6/1)
ACT-$1/2 3pks+ (4/29)
PILLSBURY – $3/3 biscuits, Grands, many other rolls/biscuits, ready to bake cookies, pie crust or pizza crust (4/15)
POST – $1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats Raisin Medley (4/10)
ACCU-CHEK – $10/1 Aviva system with purchase of Aviva test strips (5/29)
TOSTITOS – $1/2 Artisan Recipes chips (4/13)
RID-X – $.75/1 any product (4/3)
RID-X – $.75/1 any product (5/1)
NEUTROGENA – $1/1 naturals (4/27)
CHINET – $1/2 any casuals plates (4/30)
PEPPERIDGE FARM – $1/2 any 3-layer cake (5/22)
CARIBOU – $2/1 Coffee 12oz bag (4/30)
SIMILAC – $5/1 SimplePac large size powder 1.37lb+ (4/30)
SIMILAC – $3/1 SimplePac large size powder 1.37lb+ (5/31)
BARBER FOODS – $1/2 any product (4/16)
BARBER FOODS – $1/1 any new seasoned selects product (4/16)
HERSHEY’S -$1/3 Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Cadbury or Whoppers bags $1/3 (4/2)
HERSHEY’S – $1/2 Bliss chocolates 8oz+ $1/2 (4/2).
MYSTIC PIZZA – $1/1 any (4/30)
MYSTIC PIZZA – $1.50/2 any (4/30)
McCAIN – $1/1 any purely potatoes (4/30)
NATURE MADE – $1/1 any vitamin D (3/23)
NATURE MADE – $1/1 any calcium (3/23)
NATURE MADE – $3/1 any TripleFlex (3/23)
SEA CUISINE – $2/1 any product (5/21)
MINUTE RICE – $.50/1 any product (5/21)
DANIMALS – $1/1 pk (4/26)
ACTIVIA – $1/3 Parfait Crunch (3/27)
DANONINO – $1/1 6-pack or 12-pack cups (4/26)
HUGGIES – $2/1 Snug & Dry diapers (3/19)
HUGGIES – $3.50/1 Snug & Dry diapers 60ct+ (3/19)
HUGGIES – Buy baby wipes refill 300ct+ get FREE baby wipes tub 72ct or less (3/19)
COLGATE – $1/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (3/19)
COLGATE – $1/2 adult or kids manual toothbrush (3/19)
HUGGIES – $2.50/1 Pure & Natural diapers (3/26)
HUGGIES – $2/1 Little Snugglers or Little Movers diapers (3/26)
FRENCHS – $1/1 french fried onions (4/30)

PUFFS – $1/4 products (3/31)
SWIFFER – $5/1 WetJet starter kit (3/31)
TIDE – $1/2 Detergents (3/31)
DOWNY – $1/1 Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets (3/31)
CREST – $1/1 Pro Health Rinse 946ml+ (3/31)
ORAL-B – $1/1 Cross Action Manual Toothbrushes (3/31)
ORAL-B – $1/1 Satin, Glide Floss 25m+ or 30ct+ picks (3/31)
CREST – $1/2 Toothpastes 4oz+(3/31)
COVER GIRL – $1/1 any product (3/31)
PANTENE – $1/1 any product (3/31)
ALWAYS – $1/1 24-48ct (3/31)
SECRET – $2/1 Clinical Strength product (3/31)
SECRET – $1/2 any (not trial size) 3/31)
PAMPERS – $2/1 Diapers or Pants (3/31)
PAMPERS – $2/1 Wipes 60ct (3/31)
CHARMIN – $1/2 any (3/31)
OLAY – $3/1 Pro-X (not .3oz or 1oz) (3/31)
OLAY – Buy 1 facial cleanser, get 1 Olay bar soap, body wash OR shower body lotion FREE up to $4.99 (3/31)
GILLETTE – $4/1 Fusion Pro Glide Manual or Power Razor (3/31)
HEAD & SHOULDERS – $1/1 Shampoo or Conditioner (no trial)(3/31)
FEBREZE – $1/1 Set & Refersh (3/31)
COVERGIRL – Buy 1 Natureluxe foundation and get one FREE Natureluxe lip balm (3/31)
NICE ‘n EASY – $3/1 Color Blend Foam hair color (3/31)
NICE ‘n EASY – $1/1 any hair color (3/31)
CREST – $10/1 3D White 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects Whitestrips (3/31)
CREST – $5/1 3D White Advanced Vivid 14ct Whitestrips (3/31)
CREST – $1/1 4oz+ Toothpaste (3/31)
ORAL B – $1/1 CrossAction, Advantage or $1/2 Indicator or Cavity Defense Manual Brush (3/31)
ORAL-B – $3/1 battery toothbrush (3/31)
ORAL-B- $1/1 Stages, Zooth or Crest Kids toothpaste (3/31)
ORAL-B – $1/1 States, Zooth or Crest Kids manual or power toothbrush (3/31)
OLD SPICE – Buy One Deodorant, Get One body wash FREE (max $3.99) (3/31)
GILLETTE – $1/1 Fusion shave prep or ProGlide shave prep (3/31)
GILLETTE – $2/1 ProSeries skin care product (3/31)
OLD SPICE – $1/2 any products 1.7oz+(3/31)
GILLETTE – $2/1 Body Wash (3/31)
GILLETTE – Buy One deodorant, Get One FREE body wash (3/31)
PRILOSEC – $3/1 OTC (3/31)
PUFFS/VICKS – Buy 1 Vicks product, get 1 FREE Puffs up to $1.99 (3/31)
VICKS – $4/1 Sinex product (3/31)
METAMUCIL – $1/1 any product (3/31)
PUR – $4/1 flavor options system (pitcher or faucet mount) (3/31)
PUR – $2/1 any pitcher or faucet mount multipack refill filters (3/31)
DURACELL – $1/1 4pk copper top batteries (3/31)
DURACELL – $1.50/1 hearing aid batteries (3/31)
BOUNTY – $1/1 6-Roll+ Towels or $1/2 Towels or Napkins (3/31)
IAMS – $1/1 ProActive Health or Premium Protection dry dog food (3/31)
IAMS – $1/1 Healthy Naturals (3/31)
IAMS – $1/3 canned dog or cat food (3/31)
DAWN – $.20/1 any (3/31)
CASCADE – $1/2 any product (3/31)
CASCADE – $1/1 any rinse aid (3/31)
TIDE – Buy 1 detergent 75oz+ and get 1 Tide Stain Release 10ct due pac, 20oz liquid, 14oz power or 212oz pretreat FREE (3/31)
TIDE – $3/1 26-50 oz Powder, 15-34 ct Duo Pac or 36-68 oz Liquid Stain Release (3/31)
BOUNCE – $0.20/1 any product (3/31)
FEBREZE – $1/1 fabric refresher (3/31)
FEBREZE – $1/1 Air Effects (3/31)
FEBREZE – Buy 1 Noticeables refill and get 1 Febreze Noticeables Warmer FREE (3/31)
FEBREZE – Buy 1 flameless luminary starter kit, get 1 refill FREE (3/31)
FEBREZE – $1/1 Home Collection flameles

PostHeaderIcon Kroger: CartBuster Deals & Digital Coupons

Who doesn’t like getting all of their favorite groceries at a bargain? I know I certainly do! How do you find your deals? Weekly store circulars? Deal blogs? Friends and family? I personally just look at my weekly ads these days. I used to use A LOT of coupons but I just don’t have the time anymore. Now when I am looking at the ads, I look for in store promotions like Kroger’s current CartBuster savings event! From February 27th to March 12th, customers can get savings on products from brands like P&G, General Mills, Nestle, and Pepsi by visiting the Kroger Facebook page.

Not only are their thousands of items on sale, but, you can also add a bunch or digital coupons to your Kroger card for even more savings! I don’t normally find a to many digital coupons that fit my buying needs but there are some great ones you can load up now. I just added 27 of them to my card! If you have never used Kroger’s digital coupons before, it is simple. Just register (for free) at the Kroger site, enter your card Plus Card savings information and ad the savings you want.  When you purchase any product that you added a coupon for, you savings will automatically be deducted at the end of your order. I personally LOVE this because there is no coupon clipping, not having to remember your coupons, no losing coupons while shopping (yes, I have done this many times)… It is so convenient. There is no excuse why you are not saving a little extra this week with this easy option to save on your favorite brands.

Another way to work with these sales is to plan your meals ahead of time with your sales flyer. I do this and not only does it save me from walking around the store just grabbing things that look good. I already have a list of things I need so I can match that with whats on sale for the upcoming week! Sale cycles for items being on sale  is every 6 to 8 weeks so stock up when you see the deal you can’t turn down!

Also save a few extra cents by bring in reusable bags, I just heard that Kroger gives $.05 off per bag you use. Can anyone confirm this?

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms Kroger CartBuster blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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