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PostHeaderIcon Show You Care With A Stop At The Bouqs Company

I have never been much of a flower girl. They are pretty to look at but they die in no time. I don’t care much for roses either. Most people think that is odd. I normally get, “What woman doesn’t love roses?” DING this one! Tulips are my all time favorite. One year, a guy I was dating bought me 4 dozen of them. Of course, that day I changed my mind a little bit about liking flowers.

The Bouqs - DelightfulChaos.com

Flowers can be very costly. They are beautiful but for many people, it can be a real bank breaker to have a lovely centerpiece for your holiday table. The Bouqs Company (as seen on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar), is changing the flower industry one bouquet at a time. Traditional flower delivery services act as a middle man causing prices to increase and flower freshness to decrease. The Bouqs Company owns their own flower farm, growing flowers in the rich soil of an active volcano. All bouquets are cut to order and are sent to your door. There is no waste, and there is no middle man, leaving you with great savings. They also have Eco-friendly flowers, that are gorgeous. There is also flower subscriptions as well as wedding packages. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser #NewAgeInWaterFlossing

Waterpik REview - DelightfulChaos.com

Let’s get this out of the way. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been there, almost everyone fears the dentist. I really can’t recall a time, as a kid, when I was sitting in the dentists office. I am not sure if that is a bad or a good thing. Was I never there or was it just not a traumatic experience? I can’t actually recall going  until I was 24 years old. I broke a tooth on a bagel. A bagel? Yes, and I have no idea how that happens.  A hard piece of candy, maybe, but a bagel? Have I ever mentioned that I am Polish so this kind of stuff is never a surprise?
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PostHeaderIcon Holiday Hair Wishes Come True With Hair Products From Folica

One of the major issues I have is my lovely, naturally curly, full hair. I remember I used to spend up to 2 hours straightening it. No way that would happen these days. Who has time for that? I have gone through so many flat irons over the years. I find that my most common problem is the plastic that holds the plates on usually breaks or they just don’t do the job anymore. Maybe it’s because I just buy the cheapest one I can find?
In August, while at BlogHer 12′, I realized that I forgot my flat iron. OH NO! Many of you understand that not having this it the same as most hot having their cell phones. I broke down and went to the store. They had ONE! I almost fell over when I saw it was $50. Now this probably isn’t an insane price but I have always stayed under $25. This is the nicest one I have owned thus far. You really DO get what you pay for! I hope to some day own one of those $250 ones. Maybe one like this one?

Dear Santa, I would really love a ridiculously priced flat iron that I would never purchase on my own because I can’t justify paying the price but I really want my hair to look good like all the super models and celebrities *takes a deep breath* because beautiful hair is such an important part of your look. Thank You, Toni-Lynn
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PostHeaderIcon Do you make breakfast count?

Breakfast is one meal of the day that I make sure the boys eat and eat well. Even if it’s a cereal day. I always make sure that there is something in addition to it which is usually fruit or yogurt. Some mornings… all 3. I am thankful that they have grown to love so many different kinds of fruits. I can remember as a kid, my Mom always making us drink Orange Juice with our breakfast. Usually if milk is involved with breakfast, I tend to not let them drink OJ right away. Not a good mixture in their tummies that early in the morning.

Our mornings have become some what of a ritual. I learned a long time ago that even the littlest thing can make school mornings stressful. It USUALLY runs like clock work but there are those days when no one wants to get out of bed, when they kids change their mind at the last second as to what the want for breakfast or someone gets sick. On a typical morning, Royal is awake before everyone so he is eating breakfast by 6-6:30. Spencer and I follow him at 7:10. Teeth are being brushed by 7:30. dressed by 7:45, book bag packed by 7:50 and out the door at 8. I am loving the mornings that Spencer doesn’t wander our of bed until 9. I expect that this is a a temporary treat that I am receiving. But I am hoping like crazy it isn’t.

For as many years as I can remember, Tropicana is the only brand of orange juice that I buy. I used to be a huge fan for the Heavy Pulp style but as I get older, I seem to have a bigger taste for no pulp. On occasion I do like “some pulp”. If I don’t have time to eat breakfast, I always at least have a glass of nice cold OJ. I’ll be honest, I rarely eat breakfast. It is just one of those things I picked up from my Dad. I am never usually hungry but I feel like I should take in something.
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