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PostHeaderIcon New Mom, Fresh You

Hey Moms! Are you trying to lose weight? Aren’t most of us? Have you tried diet after diet and nothing works? Have you heard of The Fresh Diet? Created in 2005, it is based on the 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats diet concept. It became the first diet delivery company in Florida to offer clients fresh daily-prepared meals that are never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum packed. Instead, The Fresh Diet delivers fresh, healthy, calorie-controlled meals delivered daily straight to your door!

The Fresh Diet prepares your meals based on your specific dieting needs. You get 3 meals and 2 snacks delivered daily which includes free delivery. Outside the many fantastic things that the Fresh Diet offers, I am loving the no cooking, no counting, no clean up. Come on let’s face it, that would make dieting a lot simpler for most of us.
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PostHeaderIcon Are you keeping your New Years resolution? #Giveaway

When a new year rolls around, one of the first resolutions so many people make is to get healthier during the new year. Whether it’s eating better, working out, losing weight or simply taking vitamins, it’s the top resolution. Sadly many don’t stick with it because it can be very frustrating and disappointing.

I have never really been big on taking vitamins. This is a little funny considering my eating habits are atrocious. I have tried in the past a few times but I never felt any different taking them and it seemed like a waste of money.  For 2012, Centrum has released a new line called ProNutrients.

ProNutrients is a new line of dietary supplements launched by the makers of Centrum multivitamins, and is formulated to naturally work with a multivitamin. The line includes Omega-3, Probiotic, and Fruit & Veggie—three supplements that support health and well-being.  Each supplement is backed by the nutritional expertise of Centrum, identifying the right ingredients to take consumers’ nutrition to the next level. Here is a little bit about each one.

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PostHeaderIcon Holland House $500 Cash Giveaway

Disclosure: I’m a Mizkan Blogger Advocate and this is a sponsored post. Any views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own. This post is solely the property of MAK Media, LLC and/or its above sponsor. The product itself did not persuade my personal beliefs or views. I was under no obligation to write a positive post. You can read more about our Policy Disclosure here.

PostHeaderIcon Protect yourself this Holiday Shopping Season (Giveaway) #LifeLock

This year seemed to blow by for us and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s amazing to even say that! Of course that means here comes holiday shopping. The large amount of spending over such a small period of time, can increase the chances for identity theft and identity fraud. Simply being a smart shopper can reduce your chances but, it doesn’t necessarily ensure you have done enough to reduce all the risks surrounding identity theft during the holiday shopping season. Sometimes drastic times calls for drastic measures (I know this all to well) and this season might be the right time to go above and beyond the normal “tips and suggestions” that we hear about.

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