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PostHeaderIcon Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee available exclusively at 7-Eleven NOW!

Try the New RedBerry Slurpee at 7-ElevenI guess as we get older, our tolerance for things change. When I was a kid, I loved Sour Patch Kids. The faces we used to make would make my Mom laugh so hard. As an adult, I really don’t find them all that sour anymore. Have they changed? Have I changed? I couldn’t say for sure but, the new Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee at 7-Eleven is amazing!

Social media polling revealed “red” Sour Patch Kids, or Redberry flavor, as the overwhelming fan favorite against the other four Sour Patch flavors. Now the sour then sweet flavor of Sour Patch Kids Redberry and the frozen goodness of Slurpee come together for a taste you are sure to love. Last year’s Sour Patch Watermelon Slurpee became a new fan favorite and top-selling flavor and this year’s variety is expected to be a big hit as well! read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 6 Sandwiches that won’t crumble your budget

6 Sandwiches that won’t crumble your budgetWe are looking for a way to make things cheaper this year and sandwiches are a big part of our warm weather eating. I am always looking for a new and simple sandwich ideas and, I decided to list the most common ones we eat. I am sure they are nothing special but, maybe someone out there didn’t think of one.  I hope you will try them! read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Help @Honda #SaveTheDriveIn #Vote

I am a big fan of movies. We try to do a movie night at least once a week in our home. It has been many years since I have been to a drive-in movie. They really are a great past time that I think more people should enjoy. Some sad news has come my way and I wanted to share it with you. Did you know there are less than 400 left in the United States? I was not offered anything for this posting. I feel that this is something we still have it should be saved! If you have ever gone to a movie theater with children of different ages, you know what a headache that can be. Someone has to use the bathroom, someone is hungry, someone is bored, and the list goes on. Drive-ins theaters give the kids so much more freedom, you aren’t in anyone’s way, no one kicking your seat and so on. Take a second to vote for your favorite drive in to be saved and make a donation if you can! Only 5 will be selected by Honda for this campaign.

Final credits may be rolling for drive-in theaters in your area that can’t afford the costly conversion to digital projections.  The end of 35mm film distribution by the end of the year could shut down hundreds of drive-in theaters that are struggling to raise the estimated $75,000+ per screen needed to survive. As friends and families nationwide flock to drive-ins in demonstration of their support, Honda is teaming up with these small businesses in an effort to preserve this historic part of American cinema
and car culture.
read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Wordless Wednesday: In Bloom

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