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PostHeaderIcon Stories from the Bright Side: Food with Kids #HFbrightside

What are some of the fun and crazy things your children have done while eating? Just about very parent has had food thrown at them, experienced temper-tantrums, and/or received flat-out refusal to eat something at some point in their parenting career. I am fortunate to say that the boys have never thrown food at me, outside of a food fight of course, but, they have on many occasions refused to eat things. They have learned that Mom always wins these mini battles so it isn’t to bad now that they are 6 and 11.

I have so many funny stories of the boys that it’s so hard to pick just one but, I went with the one that always makes me laugh the most. It was definitely a “Don’t argue with Mom” moment. Sometimes you can’t help but laugh at your own children because the they are yours and others won’t find the humor in it. I hope you all find it as funny as we do.
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PostHeaderIcon Zyrtec Team Behind the Team Sweepstakes

The makers of Zyrtec salute the team behind the team—those who shuttle kids to and from games, keep fields in top condition, buy supplies and the personal cheering squads—that help make every game possible.

These sideline supporters get their moment to shine with the Zyrtec Team Behind the Team Sweepstakes. Now through June 30, fans can visit the Zyrtec Facebook page, where supporters can share how they rally for their home team for a chance to win weekly $200 Walmart gift cards. Additionally, entrants can help a local soccer organization score $10,000. Imagine the difference that could make!

PostHeaderIcon Do you make breakfast count?

Breakfast is one meal of the day that I make sure the boys eat and eat well. Even if it’s a cereal day. I always make sure that there is something in addition to it which is usually fruit or yogurt. Some mornings… all 3. I am thankful that they have grown to love so many different kinds of fruits. I can remember as a kid, my Mom always making us drink Orange Juice with our breakfast. Usually if milk is involved with breakfast, I tend to not let them drink OJ right away. Not a good mixture in their tummies that early in the morning.

Our mornings have become some what of a ritual. I learned a long time ago that even the littlest thing can make school mornings stressful. It USUALLY runs like clock work but there are those days when no one wants to get out of bed, when they kids change their mind at the last second as to what the want for breakfast or someone gets sick. On a typical morning, Royal is awake before everyone so he is eating breakfast by 6-6:30. Spencer and I follow him at 7:10. Teeth are being brushed by 7:30. dressed by 7:45, book bag packed by 7:50 and out the door at 8. I am loving the mornings that Spencer doesn’t wander our of bed until 9. I expect that this is a a temporary treat that I am receiving. But I am hoping like crazy it isn’t.

For as many years as I can remember, Tropicana is the only brand of orange juice that I buy. I used to be a huge fan for the Heavy Pulp style but as I get older, I seem to have a bigger taste for no pulp. On occasion I do like “some pulp”. If I don’t have time to eat breakfast, I always at least have a glass of nice cold OJ. I’ll be honest, I rarely eat breakfast. It is just one of those things I picked up from my Dad. I am never usually hungry but I feel like I should take in something.
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