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PostHeaderIcon Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz – Party Style

We had the most amazing play date ever! Before we get into that, the FTC says I have to tell you that the folks over at Ridemakerz and MomSelect sent us a fantastic kit (and that all opinions are my own) for Spencer to host a party with all of his friends from school! The fun stuff is coming but, let me tell you a little bit about these amazingly fun vehicles.

Start your engines! The newest name in customized car kits for kids is RIDEMAKERZ XTREME CUSTOMZ! XTREME CUSTOMZ are scale-sized, customizable vehicles that transform just as fast as children’s imaginations. Starting from a wide range of body styles, kids use their creativity to customize their vehicle with interchangeable “Mix N Match” parts, and make the car or “RIDE” of their dreams come alive. XTREME CUSTOMZ RIDEZ are easy to assemble for kids ages 5+, and feature a 4-mode adjustable chassis to go from Race, Lifted, Jacked and Off-Road…all with the push of a button! XTREME CUSTOMZ are available in:

  • Starter Kits – 1:48 scale (about the size of a cell phone) single vehicle with “Mix N Match” accessories
  • Swap Sets – two 1:48 scale vehicles with “Mix N Match” accessories
  • XL Kits –1:18 scale (about the size of a football) single vehicle with “Mix N Match” accessories

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PostHeaderIcon New VTech Switch & Go Dinos + Contest

See that amazingly handsome boy up there? Yep.. HIM! That’s Spencer, my dinosaur obsessed 5 year old. The amount of knowledge his little head has in it, about dinosaurs, is just amazing to me. If we see anything related to dinos, he has to have it. Yes, I would say he is a bit spoiled when it comes to this stuff. However, I look at it this way, he could be asking for less educational things.

VTech has recently released the new Switch and Go Dinos. They are transforming toys that turn from vehicles to dinos and back again. I have always found that transforming things were a pain in the butt to switch back and forth and the kids couldn’t really figure them out easily. One was always whining and I had to get up every 5 seconds to switch it. The VTech Switch & Go Dinos are so easy to change! Spencer had it down in less than 5 minutes. He was so excited that he could do it on his own. It definitely made him feel like a big boy. I also liked that he could play with them two different ways. Instead of 2 toys he had 4. I personally think these promote good motor skills and concentration.

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PostHeaderIcon Get Poppin’ with Hog Wild Toys (Giveaway)

The boys love anything that flies across the yard. Be it a paper airplane or a shooting foam darts. I was recently contacted by a toy company that I had never heard of, Hog Wild Toys. They sent me a Pig Popper and a Rapid Fire Power Popper. I am usually a skeptic when it comes to toys because I have found that most don’t do what they claim.

The way the Pip Popper works is, you squeeze the tummy, and the balls shoot out of it’s mouth. I couldn’t imagine how far these would really go. They FLY! The harder you push on the stomach the farther it flies. Each Animal Popper comes with six soft foam balls and a convenient carry bag so you don’t lose them.   Animal Poppers are priced around $9.99 each, are designed for kids ages 4 and up, and are available on Amazon. We received the pig but now I see they have a Dinosaur one, which Spencer would have loved. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Have Little Boys? Let’s Play in the Dirt! + Giveaway

Summer is almost officially here and it’s that time of the year to hit the beaches and parks! Let the little ones get out there and play in the sand and…dirt of course! If you have boys like me, getting dirty is just part of the fun when playing outside. I am not to strict on them getting dirty. I mean I do have a bathtub and a washing machine after all. Spencer is a get down and dirty kind of a boy. He loves to run his trucks and cars through makeshift hills and courses. He was hauling around all of his Jelly Beans in his dump trucks after Easter was over!
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