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PostHeaderIcon Summer Travel Creates Opportunity for Identity Theft

Hanging out with my guy! Yes, I was a bit jet lagged in this one lol

The boys and I just came back from an adventurous trip to California. It was the first vacation the three of us have taken together! I am so proud of my boys for all of the things they got themselves involved in. I don’t force them to do things. I present them with the opportunities to.

We were there for 7 days so I wanted to be sure there was enough to do but I didn’t want to wear them out so much that the following day they were exhausted. We limited the big events to one per day. Since it gets so hot late in the afternoon, we were up and at em’ at 6:30 almost every day. We spent the latter part of the days swimming and visiting. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Cali!
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PostHeaderIcon Traverse City, MI: Lego Brickation Summer Event + Rafflecopter Giveaway

If you live in the vicinity or will be visiting Traverse City, MI from June 6th to July 7th, check out the Lego Bricktation Summer event! It will be held at the following address: 300 E. Front St., Traverse City, MI 49686 from 10:00 am To 8:00 pm. The best part? IT’S FREE!

This fun, free event provides entertainment for the whole family with ongoing activities, lots of building, and life-size summer themed LEGO models.   From constructing a custom Traverse City LEGO mosaic, to hands-on DUPLO® play zones, this event will engage all members of your family.  Whether you are well seasoned LEGO builder, or building for the first time, stop by and show them your creative side!

Who wants to win some Legos? I have a little prizepack to giveaway to one lucky reader!

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PostHeaderIcon Do you have a Cottonelle Care Routine?

There are topics out there that some people just don’t want to talk about. Let’s face it, the oh so fun release our bodies have to endure each and everyday is most definitly one of them. Why are people so touchy about this thing? Do we not all use the bathroom? Are you one of those people that puts your toilet paper on the bottom of the cart then piles other things on top of it so no ones sees it? Like we don’t know? Want to make the subject a little more fun at home? I know, you’re thinking what is so fun about “going potty”…

Cottonelle has come up with a fun idea call the  Cottonelle® Care Routine. Try It & Name It. Use Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care™ Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Fresh Care™ Flushable Wipes together gives you a clean so fresh it deserves a name. Are you chucking yet? No really, they aren’t kidding. I will honestly admit that my family has some clean body parts! Since 2002, when my oldest was born, it became almost a necessity to have wipes around the house. Even after all of the kids were no longer babies and we didn’t need them for diaper duty, they still were always on the shopping list with important things like milk. You’re are either sitting there thinking that I am crazy or you are a Fresh Care Routine family too!

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PostHeaderIcon Are you Summer Vacation planning? Love the Moment

I am in the process of planning my first summer vacation on my own with my boys. We are so excited! The boy have never flown before so they are a little unsure how they are going to do with that but still excited at the same time!  Since it’s summer and most people are planning their summer vacation, Summer has made its way to Virginia Beach and with great local restaurants, mild temperatures, and plenty of activities to help you Love the Moment, Virginia Beach is the perfect summer vacation destination.
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