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PostHeaderIcon What New York is really like…. or is it?

Upstate New York - DelightfulChaos.comHaving grown up in NJ, directly across from Manhattan, I figured I had a pretty good idea of what New York was like. Last year I was proven wrong when I had to drive in New York City for the very first time. The word nervous doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. If you have never driven in NYC before, you should give it a try. If you can drive there, you can drive anywhere.

As if traffic was not enough to have to concentrate on, I had to deal with construction as well. I accidentally went through the E-Zpass trying to get into the Lincoln Tunnel. Oopsie! The tunnel was extremely overwhelming at first. You “can’t” change lanes and you “can’t” go over 35 mph. I felt the need to put these in quotes because those are the law that are posted in and outside of the tunnel. I don’t think one person, except my scared self, followed the posted laws.

The semis seem to fly through the tunnel. At times I felt like there was no way my Jeep had enough room in my lane. Then I would see a truck go by and instantly laughed and though, “I’m good!” Luckily, it only took me about 30 seconds to get over my fear of the tunnel and the city. I think I was more worried about someone smashing into my Jeep than I was about hitting someone else.
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PostHeaderIcon Summer Travel Creates Opportunity for Identity Theft

Hanging out with my guy! Yes, I was a bit jet lagged in this one lol

The boys and I just came back from an adventurous trip to California. It was the first vacation the three of us have taken together! I am so proud of my boys for all of the things they got themselves involved in. I don’t force them to do things. I present them with the opportunities to.

We were there for 7 days so I wanted to be sure there was enough to do but I didn’t want to wear them out so much that the following day they were exhausted. We limited the big events to one per day. Since it gets so hot late in the afternoon, we were up and at em’ at 6:30 almost every day. We spent the latter part of the days swimming and visiting. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Cali!
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PostHeaderIcon Travel Tips for Flying with Children

I am taking my sons on our first vacation together to California this summer. Since it is my first time flying with them and their first time flying at all, I want to make sure that I have anything and everything that they will need and want. Am I going a bit over board? It’s extremely likely!

I can’t tell you how many stores I have hit this week. They boys have been visiting their Dad for two weeks so it was a lot easier to get eveything done without them trying to “help”. Although, I do still have more to do because I want to make sure that they feel like they are part of the process as well. One of my downfalls is I live within walking distance to Target. read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Hanging out in The Outer Banks


I am currently in North Carolina having a blast at The Outer Banks, (aka OBX). John and I came down for a mini vacation to drop his daughter off to her aunt. The weather has been so beautiful! Being from New Jersey, originally, I really miss the ocean. We have had so much fun. There are so many little shops around here which I think are so fun to go in. You never know what kind of stuff you are going to find! The amount of shops that sell summer swimwear and trinkets is crazy! John and I decided that we are going to collect things from every place that we go together. Most people do this, so right off the bat, I knew I didn’t want anything like shot glasses or spoons. Since we are a little weird and silly, we decided to just get something odd or different from each place. No specific theme! I thought that could get pretty fun as we travel around.


One of the shops we stopped in had your expected shirts and swimsuits. We saw some kids ones that were $80. I wouldn’t even pay $80 for a swimsuit for myself, let alone for my child. While we were walking on the beach today, some of the things the kids were wearing was ridiculous. There is no way in hell I would let my daughter walk around in some of these bikini’s. I mean to each there own and all but personally, it’s way to much. I often look and wonder what people are thinking when they are thinking up children’s fashion ideas these days. ANYWAY! I am sad to come home but that is where my boys are so I wouldn’t be anywhere else. It would have been amazing for them to come with us but I am sure they are having a great time with their Dad. I guess it just means that I have to come back again… Darn ;)

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