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PostHeaderIcon Shutterfly Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts Giveaway + Twitter Party

Shutterfly #Giveaway - DelightfulChaos.comWe just finished Christmas shopping and it’s already time to get in the Valentine’s Day shopping spirit. Usually when we think of this holiday, most people associate it with their significant others. Not me! I am not big on Valentine’s Day but I do try to do something special for the boys. It is about showing love after all right? I love them so why not make it fun? This year, think of parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles…. the list is endless. Photo Cards and gifts are a great way to show them how much you care. It’s a fantastic way for the kids to make something for a grandparent that maybe doesn’t get to see them very often. Even sending a simple Valentine’s Day card get let someone know you care.
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PostHeaderIcon February isn’t special but YOU are….

You guessed it! It’s here again! That one fantabulous day of the year where people make complete asses out of themselves trying to show their love and affection to their significant others. Where showing how much you love someone is based on the presents one receives and the overinflated events planned in your honor. It seems to be the one holiday that is designed to poke at the wounds of the lonely, discriminate against the single, and pour salt into the gaping hole in ones chest where a heart used to be in the just dumped. Seriously though, forgive me for not buying into the whole overpriced, dead flowers, piles of sugar, slutty lingerie swing of things. I have to admit that I have had some pretty great Valentine’s Days involving some or all of the above but who on the face of the planet finds a gigantic pink gorilla that sings the Macarena romantic?! Come on, don’t lie… As I was meandering around the mall and mass retailers, I noticed a lot of grotesque imitations of this thing we call love.
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PostHeaderIcon Savings are Sweet with ALDI This Valentine’s Day

From flowers to fondue, ALDI helps put together the perfect treat for your  Valentine this year. Sweethearts will love the savings and quality of ALDI products that help make this holiday special. Surprise your sweetie for under $6.00 with one of the following goodies found at ALDI:

  • Moser-Roth Chocolates – Premium Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa and Chili Chocolate
  • Fruits, breads or marshmallows for fondue dipping (check out ALDI exclusive recipes below!)
  • One of ALDI’s exclusive, award-winning wines to pair with your treats:
  • Memoir Red Wine (California)
  • Chaza Moscato (South Africa)
  • Sovinello Private Collection, Pinot Noir (Italy)
  • A bouquet of roses or assorted fresh flowers

We tried out the Moser Roth chocolate and it was very interesting. I don’t really like “complicated” chocolate. I am a simple white chocolate, milk chocolate, truffles, etc type of girl. Having a taste of the Mint and Orange Almond flavors was interesting. While they weren’t for me, the boys enjoyed the orange. The mint left an aftertaste in my mouth that wasn’t very appealing to me. If you have tried Moser Roth chocolates before, tell me which ones and if you liked them or not.

To create a truly special occasion, try one of these ALDI test kitchen fondue recipes this month!
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PostHeaderIcon Build-A-Bear Hugs Kisses For You Puppy

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing love. Now while I am not a big believer in the traditional ways of Valentine’s Day, I do make sure to do something a little special for my boys. If you ae looking for a cute present for your little ones, check out this adorable new Puppy from Build-A-Bear. It’s called “Hugs Kisses for you Puppy

Get a lifetime of hugs from this sweet gift! With magnets in its mouth and paws, this loveable friend can hold hands and blow kisses. It comes dressed in a Red Hugs Hoodie, Classic Jeans, Red Plaid Shoes and Heart Antenna Headband. My favorite part about this cutie was, when you put the hood up, there are cut outs in the top to pull the ears through. It looks so sweet. The hearts headband is removable and we put it right in the drawer because he kept taking it off and trying to wear it. Not that he didn’t look cute as a button but, his head was just a tad to big ;)
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