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PostHeaderIcon Verizon Twitter Party App List

Thank you all who joined in the Party! Here is the list of iTunes and Android apps we discussed. Most of them are Free! Please feel free to leave your favorite apps in the comments below for others!

1. Best apps for your kids (preschool – high school)

  • Kids Learn to Read Free – Android (FREE): perfect for the preschoolers. This app invites children to practice blending sounds together to form, read and spell words that are all made up of only three letters of the alphabet, such as “dog,” “sun” and “big.”

  • Kid Mode – Android and iTunes (FREE): offers a diverse choice of learning games, art tablet, customizable storybooks and kid-friendly videos.

  • Flashcards to Go – Android (FREE): It makes flashcard learning easy and fun while setting reminders for learning deadlines.

  • Spelling Bee – Android ($0.99): Spelling Bee can help improve your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. With more than 2,300 English words, this is ideal for older children.

  • Fraction Basics – iTunes (FREE): Fraction Basics is a free video app outlining the basics behind fractions; packed with 12 computer animated tutorials from simply understanding fractions to dividing fractions.

  • U.S. Presidents – Android (FREE): Plenty of historical information on past presidents; includes years in office, birthplace, vice presidents, and more. The quiz mode is perfect for history buff parents and older kids learning United States history.

  • RealCalc – Android (FREE): Scientific calculator app that combines the functionality of a physical scientific calculator with the all-in-one portability of an Android device.

  • Formulas Free – iTunes (FREE): A resource that finds nearly any algebra, geometry or calculus formula instantly.

  • Periodic Table – iTunes (FREE): This app has more 30 facts about each element including: Audio clips (for pronunciation), quiz mode (self-tests) and elements by table, search or index.

2. Best apps for shopping

  • ShopSavvy4 – Android Market (FREE): a top app for parents on-the-go. This great resource allows users to compare prices both in-store and online so that you can find the best bargain on anything from markers to bedding.
  • Amazon Mobile and Amazon Price Check – iTunes App Store (FREE): The Amazon Mobile app lets you search for items via text, barcode, or by picture using the Amazon Remembers feature. You can also access your Amazon account.
  • Red Laser: Android and iTunes (FREE): Red Laser is a free scanning application for iPhone and Android that lets users check prices, find in stores nearby and check food allergens, among other uses.
  • Gas Buddy: Android and iTunes(FREE): Find the cheapest gas nearby.

3. Best apps for family management (schedules, locator)

  • Remember the Milk: Android and iTunes (FREE): See tasks located nearby, add and complete tasks on the go, organize upcoming tasks, and sync it all seamlessly. You can see at a glance how many tasks are due today, tomorrow, and this week, and sort by priority, due date, or task name.
  • Family Locator: Verizon Wireless ($9.99 per month): Receive arrival and departure updates for each family member; locate your family members quickly and easily; and create scheduled location updates for each family member.
  • Evernote: Android and iTunes (FREE): Helps you capture everything — handwritten notes, typed memos, a photo — and organizes it for you so that you can find all the little loose threads quickly and easily. It also synchronizes to your phone, computer and the web.

4. Best apps for food, cooking and diet

  • Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List: Android, iTunes and Windows (FREE): An award-winning food app. Search for professionally created and tested recipes, make interactive shopping lists and follow step-by-step stove-side instructions.
  • Fooducate: Android and iTunes (FREE): Helps make it easier for people to select food in the grocery store that is truly healthy. The Fooducate app gives every product a grade, A through F, and helps puts nutrition labels into perspective with a simple scan of the product barcode.
  • Cook This, Not That! iTunes ($7.99): The app shows you more than 140 of your favorite restaurant meals reimagined as quick and healthy dishes. Laid out like a cookbook, it lets you search by your favorite recipes, foods, or ingredients and create mouthwatering meals.
  • Fast Food Calorie Counter: Android and iTunes ($0.99): helps smartphone users who are grabbing a bite on the go. This app provides quick information on menu items at more than 70 restaurants. From Arby’s to Applebee’s, the app lists menu items along with the total calories, grams of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber.
  • LoseIt! iTunes (FREE): One of the most highly rated free apps, LoseIt! tracks the calories you consume as well as the ones you burn. Input your daily calorie budget, then after each meal, tap in what you ate and Lose It! will log your calorie count and help you reach your weight goal.

PostHeaderIcon Verizon Wireless Twitter Party #VzwAppSwap

Are you overwhelmed by the number of apps that are available for your phone? Do you feel like you have missed out when a friend tells you about an awesome app they have been using for months? Join me for a Verizon Wireless App Swap! We will be sharing all of our favorite apps! Find some cool apps in the following categories as well as share your own!

  1. Best apps for your kids (preschool – high school)
  2. Best apps for shopping
  3. Best apps for family management (schedules, locator)
  4. Best apps for food, cooking and diet

Most of the apps that we will be talking about are FREE!

When: Monday August 29th at 9:00 est

Who: Hosted by @DelightfulToni joined by @VZWLaura

Winners picked randomly throughout the party at Random. You must be present to win! Please RSVP!

Prizes: (4) Bluetooth headsets and (1) 4G MiFi. Winners selected at random


Verizon Wireless App Swap 

PostHeaderIcon Verizon Twitter Party #VZWparent

As parents, our lives can be very hectic! I have owned a Palm Pre since the morning they went on sale and I really couldn’t live with out it. From appointments to sporting events, it keeps at least that part of my “Delightful Chaos” a little more organized. Come out  and talk with us about parenting in the smart phone age! How has using your smart phone made life easier? It seems we truly do live in an all electronic world! Join myself and Laura Merritt from Verizon Wireless this Monday night!

When: Monday, September 13th at 9 to 10 pm EST

Hashtag: #VZWparent

Host: @DelightfulToni along with Guest Host @merrila (Laura Merritt from Verizon Wireless)

Custom Tweet Grid: http://is.gd/f9mzG

4 Lucky party goers will win a Bluetooth headset and one Grand Prize winner will get a Novatel MiFi! (This prize if for the device only) Winners will be chosen from all comments below. Entry options are below. You must attend the party to win!

1. Follow @DelightfulToni, @Merrila and @VerizonWireless (Comment with your Twitter ID that you did so)

2. Tweet about the party! You must include #VZWparent and http://bit.ly/cQKT95 in your tweet!

3. “Like” Verizon on Facebook and leave a comment that you did so.

RSVP so we know you will be joining us! Please list your Twitter ID and Twitter Link so I know who you are!

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