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PostHeaderIcon The OrganWise Guys Are In the House (Giveaway)

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Getting your kids to make healthier choices in life can be difficult for some parents. Luckily, The OrganWise Guys In the House! Kit is here to help! It is a healthy behavior tracking program that helps families in their quest to become “OrganWise” by gradually adding healthy habits to daily routines. Kids engage in different OrganWise “Rules” for seven days while tracking their progress. At the end of the week, they will report their success and then await their reward that will appear the next morning.

The OrganWise Guys In the House! Kit comes with a cute little carrying case, 5 books, each focusing on a specific goal, and Plush OrganWise Guys to use as rewards for their hard work at the end of each week.

The Organ Wise cast of characters include:

– Sir Rebrum (brain)
– Madame Muscle (muscle)
– Pepto (stomach)
– The Kidney Brothers (kidneys)
– Windy (lungs)
– Hardy Heart (heart)
– Calci M. Bone (bone)
– Peri Stoclic (intestines)
– Luigi Liver (liver)
– Peter Pancreas (pancreas)

The biggest problem I had with is that I messed up when I opened it. I forgot to remove the black bag with the plush toys in it. The kids saw the bag and of course wanted to know what was in it. They were not happy when I hid it! When they started to read the books and noticed what it was about, they were excited to get started. They picked the exercise one first. I think Royal was actually smart with this one. He said he picked it because he played baseball twice a week and would complete to of the days with no problem. Smarty pants….

About The OrganWise Guys:

The OrganWise Guys Inc. begain in 1993 with a vision to inspire individuals to take charge of their health by assuming personal responsibility for their choices. This, we believe, is prevention at its best. By bringing the body to live via loveable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to be smart from the inside out. With all the troubling news about the obesity crisis, our evidence-based programming offers a viable, proactive solution.

The OrganWise Guys motto is, “We love who we live in so please take care of us!”

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