Owning an SUV, that only gets 14 MPG, makes me a real lover of Hybrid vehicles. Like everyone else, the rising cost of gasoline has put in a crimp in my wallet. I found a new love for Hybrids when, over the holidays, drove almost 2000 miles in a 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid. If you have never driven a Hybrid before, you are missing out. I had my top readings on this car read almost 40 MPG! For me, that was huge and I was perhaps a bit overly excited to see the number in front of me.

On my first stop, I visited my family in the Poconos. This is a 489 mile drive and takes roughly 7-8 hours. if I don’t have the boys with me, I will normally only stop once for gas. I made it the entire way on a tank of gas! WHAT?! Yep! Filling up one of these babies gave me around 525 miles to empty. It’s really quite insane but really exciting.

As I mention every time, I am not really a car girl. I love my trucks and SUVs. I’ve driven many cars through out the years but driving the Optima was so comfortable. I also want to mention that I drove this vehicle in a really bad snow storm on my trip. It handled beautifully. Now this doesn’t mean you can go 100 miles an hour down the highway in a storm but, I only had a few minor slips when changing lanes. I was pretty nervous about how the car could handle at first.

There are some great features on the Kia Optima that just about anyone could fall in love with. Just a few are heated seats, sun roof, moon roof and a heated steering wheel. I knew that the steering wheel was heated but it took me having to Google it to figure out how to turn it on. There is a little button almost hidden on the left side of the steering column. Once I found it, I was in heaven!

Brand’s First Hybrid in the U.S. Returns with Class-Leading1 Fuel Efficiency, Advanced Technology and Eye-Catching Style

  • Optima Hybrid is packed with modern technologies and achieves outstanding fuel economy of up to 39 miles per gallon
  • Already recognized as a stylish choice for discerning eco-conscious consumers, the 2012 model ups the ante with an even more compelling package at the same great value

The Kia Optima has a 17.5 fuel tank capacity and miles can rage from 34 city to 39 highway. I love writing that! The side mirrors have a turn signal indicator which is a nice feature for someone who might be in your blind spot. It has Bluetooth capabilities as well. If you have never used Bluetooth in your car it is really a fun feature. Especially if you have children who want to call someone while you are driving. The boys always have to call their Nana when we are traveling.

As with most newer cars, it has tilt steering. I couldn’t live without this simple feature but I find with a lot of them, they just don’t tilt down enough for me. The Optima sadly didn’t meet my standards. It can take a bit to get used to the wheel being higher than what is normal for you. This could be a safety hazard depending on the individual so please so take the time to get used to it before traveling at high speeds.

Speaking of safety, the Kia Optima Hybrid has duel front advanced airbags, dual front seat mounted air bags and side curtain airbags in both the first and second rows. You can also disable the passenger side air bag if for whatever reason you need to do this. It has front and rear 3-point seat belts and high adjustable front seat belt anchors. I hate nothing more then to have the seat belt digging into my neck or face because it is to high. This is another one of those little features that makes driving much more comfortable.

The Suggested Retail price for the Optima Hybrid LX ,2.4L Hybrid I-4 – 6 A/T  is $25,700.