I have to admit that is really fun doing car reviews. I love my current SUV but it’s really nice to see what else is out there. Going out to buy a new car is a big deal and there is a big difference between driving it for 10 minutes around town from the dealer and getting to really drive it your own way for a week or two.

When the 2012 Kia Soul arrived in my driveway, I wasn’t sure that to think about it.  The boxy body style of the Soul give it that unique look. It’s definitely a vehicle that I notice on the road more now. I had never seen one before but after having one, I notice them everywhere!

I think the main thing for me, if considering a new car purchase, would be gas efficiency. The Kia Soul, depending on which transmission you choose,gets between 26 to 35 miles per gallon. That is a crazy difference from my current 14 MPG SUV. It also has a 12.7 gallon tank so you won’t be spending $60.00+ to fill it.

If you are a person with a long upper body, I would not recommend this vehicle. My boyfriend, John (RIP BABY!), tried to sit in it and we were hysterical laughing. He was 6’8 and his head stuck out the sun roof! lol Thank you Kia for giving me that memory.

The attention to detail inside was really nicely done.  The seats have raised embroidery, throughout. The word SOUL is a great thing that was added. There is a net in the back to keep your things from flying around the back. This wouldn’t be really good for things like groceries but some miscellaneous items would go great in there. Royal crawled in the back and laid down with his knees bent so there is a decent amount of space to hold your average shopping purchases.

I have never driven a 6-speed before so it took a little getting used to that. You have to shift more frequently and, living in the city, that really wasn’t a great feature for me. This could have been due to that fact that, while I can drive a manual transmission, I don’t do it often. If you are used to that, then I say go for it.  It has front wheel drive, ABS breaks and a rear  wiper, washer and defroster.

The Kia Soul has a starting price of $13,900. I think this would make a nice vehicle for a college student or a first vehicle.