Kia Motors Logo - DelightfulChaos.comLast year I reviewed the 2012 Kia Soul so it was interesting to see what the 2014 Kia Soul had to offer. You can read my last review by clicking the link above.

I personally like the Soul. It has the feel of both a car and SUV, in my opinion. It’s high enough off the ground to not feel like you have to struggle to get out but low enough where you aren’t jumping down. If you are more of a car person but like something with a little more room, the Kia Soul is the way to go.

It is available in both a standard and automatic transmission, which for me, if very important. I am still the type that likes a standard transmission. My SUV is able to be driven either way. Having a standard transmission comes in handy for me.

For us techies, it offers USB/Auxiliary jacks and Bluetooth technology. I was a bit spoiled by the hands free talking but, it was difficult for anyone using a headset to hear me. I tested this out on multiple people and all had the same issue. I had all the volumes cranked up as well. Also included, with the Kia Soul, are steering-wheel-mounted audio control buttons, very handy, as well as a trip computer and outside temperature display. I personally look at the temperature a lot. One of the cool features, when I say cool, I really do mean ridiculously awesome, is the the Music/Mood Lights. Now I apologize for my choice of songs. It just happen to be what was on at the moment. As a little added bonus for me, the kids thought it was the most fun thing they had ever seen. It was quite comical.

Something that is extremely important these days, gas milage. The 2014 Kia Soul gets 24 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. My SUV gets about 10 so this a wonderful thing for me. Think of how much you will save on all those family outings or trips back and forth to school.

An optional feature, that I loved, is the Panoramic Sunroof with the power sunshade. Unfortunately, we only had one rain free day so I was unable to photograph this feature. It basically opens the front portion of the sun roof and is glass on the back half. The shade is a great feature because on hot days, nothing is worse than the sun beating down on you. You also have to love a 60/40 split-folding rear seat with adjustable headrests. Some models feature a center console with an armrest and storage areas and/or rear seat center armrests with cup holders.

As I suggested with the 2012 model, the Kia soul is reasonably priced starting at $14,900. It’s a great option for a first car,  a college student or a new family. Are you a Kia family? What do you own and how do you like it?