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Disclosure: This is a post written by me and any opinions expressed are my own. I may or may not have received compensation for my services.

Holidays mean family, friends, parties and fun. It also means a lot of food, messy kids and stains! Besides stains, you might want to get something to vomit in, did you know the average wash load has 20 times more body oils and sweat than visible stains? Urgh!

Wisk has been around in many homes dating all the way back to 1956 when the first liquid laundry detergent and ultimate stain fighter. Wisk’s liquid form was incredibly innovative because it offered the convenience of pre-treating and washing without all of the hard work. Before the introduction of liquids, consumers pre-treated stains by making pastes out of powder! Wisk Deep Clean laundry detergent cleans beyond visible stains, attacking hidden body oils and sweat in the way you’ve come to expect from more than 50 years of powerful cleaning.

Royal is at that age where is sweats and stinks quickly. He showers regularly, wears deodorant and even is using cologne now. Is this normal for 10? ;) On gym days, I hate the smell that comes off his clothes. The clothes sit in the hamper for a few days, until laundry day, and at times it’s just horrific. I have washed his clothes, on occasion, twice. Wisk Deep Clean not only got his funky tweener smell out but also all of the grass and food stains. I have tried just about every detergent on the market at least once since the boys were born. The Wisk Deep Clean is definitely in my top 5.

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